How Witches Deal with Fear in Crafting Spells

“I’m afraid about crafting my first spells,” Andrea, a new acquaintance, said to me.

This began a significant conversation.

Sometimes, I look at crafting spells like cooking versus baking.

If you’re cooking and experimenting with a recipe, you can take it easy and try things. Maybe you’ll add a bit of pepper. Or a bit of spice. Things that may not need precise amounts. However, some spell components need to be precise.

I call this the difference between Experimenting Spellwork and Critical Spellwork. If you’re doing a simple spell just to enhance your prosperity, you might be in the area of Experimenting Spellwork.

However, if you’re dealing with something you will consume (like certain herbs), then you’re in the realm of Critical Spellwork. I note that Critical Spellwork is similar to baking because baking has chemical reactions involved (for example, a roux).

Remember some herbs are poisonous. And herbs have chemical compounds that may not be safe. When working with herbs, stay with the ones you know. Be sure to investigate reliable sources as you do research. Remember some herbs may be safe for some individuals but not safe for others. Certainly, be careful about whatever you ingest if you’re pregnant or may become pregnant.

Questions to ask are:

  • Is this poisonous?
  • Can this be dangerous to consume?
  • Will I or someone else have an allergic reaction?

Make certain that you ask these questions if you consider working with advanced spells or possibly some form of hazardous materials.

Here is a Vital Part of Spellwork – the Safety Clauses

In my own spellwork, I use these clauses:

  • For the good of all involved
  • This or better

Safety clauses help keep you (and others) safe from harm. Safety clauses also protect you from the possibility of a spell backfiring on you. Safety clauses also create boundaries that will not be crossed with your spells.

An example:

For a money spell, include something like: “May no one be harmed and for the good of all involved.” (You’re guarding against the situation of a favored relative dying and then leaving money behind.)

May these insights support your life path.

Blessed Be,

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