How Witches Become Good at Receiving

How good are you at receiving? I’ve learned that when you really want your spells to work, you need to look carefully at your comfort at receiving good in your life.

Do you receive things like compliments well, or do you say something to dismiss them?

Your habitual ways around receiving can make the crucial difference related to a spell working or not.

I’ll now share three insights:

  1. If you are not good at receiving, your spells may not work

Working spells is hard enough, but if you don’t let in the magick, the spell will most likely flop.

By “let in the magick,” I’m talking about being open to receiving gifts from the Gods. For example, if you dismiss compliments, you’re doing something that may feel like snubbing the compliment giver’s efforts.

Be careful to avoid snubbing the gifts the Gods are trying to send to you. This can create not only a broken relationship with the Gods, but your spells may sputter out.

I have personally fallen into a trap of discounting a compliment, on a number of occasions.

Someone would give me a compliment like, “Good work.” I would say, “Oh, anyone could have done that.”

How would you feel if you were the person who gave the compliment?

I’ve learned to simply say, “Thank you.” I say nothing that discounts the gift of the compliment or the kind observation.

The Gods want a good relationship with you and that involves you graciously receiving gifts from Them.

  1. Pay close attention to your blocks related to receiving

Have you faced a problem with feeling “I’m not worthy”? I can relate to this. I learned that staying in a space of low self-esteem can create blocks. These blocks can create problems with your magick.

Think of such blocks as functioning like a barrier or a shield. Blocks can deflect your magick and make it flop. This terrible combination of a block and your magick can even create negative consequences.

Additionally, it’s difficult when a block may exist on the subconscious mind level. Some people grew up in families in which talking about money was a taboo. Or the parents repeatedly said, “We can’t afford that; put it back” to children exploring toys in a retail store. Such incidents can cause a person to feel insecure about money.

Meditation, rituals, and prayers to the Gods can help you get on the path of being more comfortable about money and receiving.

  1. Keep the cycle of giving and receiving flowing along.

Giving back to the Gods is important. How? Lighting a candle or giving offerings to the Gods is a great way to say “thank you” for the gifts you have received through your magick.

You could even dedicate a chant, poem, or an act of kindness that you gave someone—to the Gods.

At one point, I dedicated my work at an animal shelter to the Gods. And, the animals had a good time, too.

You might choose to give to a charity of your choice. Just use your imagination and your intuition.

May these insights support you on your life path.

Blessed Be,

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