How Witches Transform a Limit into Limitless

Has someone told you, ‘No, You can’t do that’?

Worse yet, did you believe it?

As witches, many of us have been pushed down and even reviled.

Here I want to share some ideas that startled me.

I was talking with a friend recently. He had just read a screenwriting book by a man with dyslexia.

My friend felt stunned. He read a book by a man who had not read all the screenwriting books due to his dyslexia. Still, the book author earns a good living as a screenwriter.

And Bonus: the dyslexic screenwriter’s book was … wait for it … easy to read.

My friend said, “This author transformed a limit into limitless.’”

That phrase sticks with me.

I have three insights for you:

  1. Work with the limit and find new possibilities.

First, we look at “what’s a limit?” It’s a perception. At about 10 years old, I had the feeling that I’d like to be a writer. But year after year, teachers would use “the red pen of death” upon my papers. They said that I needed many writing classes. It was so hard to read.

The teachers did nothing to show me that one can be a writer while dealing with dyslexia.

They said nothing about the separation between “writing, editing and proofreading.”

As I got “Ds” and “Fs,” I thought, “How am I supposed to do anything with this?”

In 2012, the Gods repeatedly gave me intuitive thoughts. It was not a sentence in my mind. Instead, it was Their message to me—sent as a feeling. “Start a blog.”

Huge fear gripped me. I talked about this with friends, and I said, “Dyslexic. Hello!”

How could I start a blog?

How would I write material that was clear enough?

I needed help. So, my sweetheart and friends said that they would help me.

And this leads up to the next step …

  1. Discover truth in collaboration.

What is truth in collaboration? It’s different in each individual and each particular situation.

I notice that intuition provides different answers to different people.

For example, I know two screenwriters. They’re good collaborative partners. One talks a lot! He’s good at writing dialogue. The other one comes up with a compelling, big idea for a story. Together, they push each other to make the writing better.

When do witches collaborate? They talk to each other about spells and magickal techniques. They share what has worked for them as individuals.

Coven members often work together. They help each other learn and grow. When you work in a coven, it helps when the coven members specialize in different areas. For example, one may focus on herbs. Another specializes in The Tarot. A different member might emphasize potions. (Warning: Always take special care about anything that may be ingested.)

The truth is because I’m dyslexic, I’ve needed to collaborate with others. It’s helped me improve as a writer and grow deeper as a person.

My thoughts about “transform a limit into limitless” include:

Limit: Dyslexia –> Limitless: Writer of 9 books (with editors’ support)

Limit: I cannot read a script aloud –> Limitless: I’ve recorded material and used audio editing. I have 102 podcast episodes (each one is 6 minutes or less) that have inspired nearly 14,000 downloads of the material.

If you asked me 10 years ago if I could imagine writing and doing podcast episodes, I would have said, “Other people can do that. Not me.”

Now, I know that collaboration is a sound path to travel.

  1. Experience true collaboration with the Gods

Where do great ideas come from? They come from within you and from the Gods. The Gods give us the intuition and the knowing.

What was a good idea that popped up in your thoughts? How did you experience this?

Sometimes, we really do receive inspiration from the Gods. I’ve noticed that you will repeatedly receive the idea. It just does not leave you alone.

Does the good idea point you in the direction of doing something positive that will help others?

Earlier in this post, I talked about how the Gods pressed me to write a blog.

I didn’t think it was possible. But I got help. Soon not only did I grow as a person and as a writer, but I also helped others.

This is how the Gods can collaborate with you. They can guide you, so you do things that uplift your life and the lives of others.

You may want to gain clarity by also using divinatory tools like The Tarot. Consider meditation to open a communication channel with the Gods. Have Them guide you. This is how They can help you on your path. Additionally, this is a great way to collaborate with Them.

May these insights support you on your life path.

Blessed Be,

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