How Witches Open Themselves to the Power of the Gods’ Love in Their Lives

Has your mind been spinning with tough thoughts?

Some of us face so many worries that we feel like we’re drowning.

Martial arts masters, yoga instructors and philosophers say, “Empty your mind.”

For many of us, that feels that like a steep mountain to climb.

I’ve learned in discussions with spiritual mentors about possibilities of emptying one’s thoughts and making space for positive power.

Here are three insights about how to “empty then fill with power”

  1. Empty your mind of self-defeating thoughts

The Gods gave me an intuitive thought that has changed my life: “I am not broken.”

During my life, my experiences with dyslexia and depression symptoms have often felt like shackles.

For decades, I truly felt broken. Dyslexia and depression symptoms felt like injury plus insult.

Fortunately, my relationship with the Gods opened new doors for me. In my online course Spiritual Solution to Depression Relief, I mention that after 16 years, I finally stopped equating myself with depression.

I replaced saying, “I am depressed” with “I am dealing with depression symptoms.” I finally found myself to be a “whole” who deals with depression symptoms.

You see, it is not my spirit that is dyslexic or depressed. It is my body. My learning disability relates to my brain. My depression symptoms also arise from an imbalance of chemicals in my brain.

My brain is not me.

My brain is like an interface between my soul and the world.

I came to a new understanding of myself and my soul while in a meditation session, in which I met the God and Goddess. They flushed out my misery and replaced it with peace and love towards myself.

If you have self-defeating thoughts, try talking with the Gods. Perhaps, seek to experience a number of meditation sessions. Taking with the Gods can potentially help you release certain limiting beliefs that fill you with negativity.

Meditation and the Gods can help you empty yourself of such negativity.

  1. As you experience empty space, find out what positive thoughts you want to take in

Once you have talked to the Gods and flushed out the negative junk in your head, pause. Take a look at how They see you. The Gods don’t make junk.

How would you see yourself in Their eyes?

Heroes and sheroes come in all shapes and sizes. For those of us who deal with depression symptoms, getting out of bed in the morning can be a heroic act.

Have you thought about what makes a person heroic or courageous? I realize that a hero is someone who does not give up.

I trust that you’ve found yourself holding on—even in real tough times.

My understanding of how the Gods see me is: Here is a woman who does not give up. She gets help. She avails herself of therapy, medication and her spiritual practice.

If you feel up to it, you can try this exercise: Write down two things that bother you about yourself. Now, take in a breath.

Say this chant:

God and Goddess,
Lift the veil and open my eyes.
Let me see the sacred prize.
Show me how You see me.
Show me my gift of divinity.

Now, writing in the loving voice of the God and Goddess, write down six positive things about yourself. Pause. Breathe these loving thoughts into yourself.

  1. Ask the Gods for Their help.

Asking for the Gods for help can be as simple as going to someplace where you won’t be disturbed for five to ten minutes. Place a piece of paper and pen in easy reach.

Close your eyes and simply talk, internally, to the Gods. Breathe deeply and slowly. Allow yourself to calm down.

Once you are in the presence of the Lord and Lady, you can ask Them questions and seek Their guidance and help.

After you open your eyes, write down any positive thoughts or guidance that has arrived.

The Gods are there for you. They will help you and guide you to the answers you seek.

May these insights support you on your life path.

Blessed Be,

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