How Witches Reliably Access Intuition

In a moment, the lamp would explode.

I didn’t know that, but I felt something in my chest and head.

It told me, “Get out of here!” I ran from the kitchen to the patio.

In the next moments, the explosion of the camping lamp caused a fire in the kitchen, which sent my brother to the hospital with third-degree burns.

I was seven years old. In my household, my thoughts didn’t count. Besides, I only got the message a brief time before the explosion. I did not know what was going to happen so I didn’t have words to tell family members. I just received a warning of “Get out of here!”

Would you like your own intuition to warn you and to guide you to improve your life?

Here are three insights:

  1. Find the “space” of your intuition.

As I mentioned, I felt the intuitive message in my chest and head.

I think of this space as my intuition space. It’s the location in my body where I feel that my intuition communicates with me.

So, where is your intuition space? Where do you feel your intuition? Some people feel it in the pit of their stomach while others feel it in their heart. Others feel the tension in their shoulders or neck.

The point here is that we pay attention to how we feel and where we feel it.

  1. Allow the “time” of your intuition to manifest.

Do you ever wish you could just get an answer from your intuition now? I wish it worked that way, and sometimes it does.

But most of the time I find that it takes time to access your intuition.

So how do I get my intuition to manifest? I give it time. I may take a walk, get a nap or a night’s sleep, or at least take a break.

On occasion, I talk with people. I’m not just looking for their guidance. I’m looking for how I personally feel as I talk about a situation. It takes time to have appropriate conversations.

  1. Discover the Gods’ Perception of intuition.

A friend told me that he looks on intuition like his friend.

Consider this: If you give a friend guidance and they use it, you will feel good about giving more guidance.

The Gods have placed divinity in you. I suggest that your intuition is part of the divinity They placed in you. That divinity is related to your creativity. That creativity and divinity are where the God and Goddess communicate with you.

This is where your intuition is a bridge to the Gods. The Gods talk to you through your intuition.

The important thing is to remove the distractions so that you can pay attention to intuitive impressions the Gods give you. You can do this with a daily 5-minute meditation session. You can do a longer session if that fits your daily routine.

Other methods include doing ritual or taking a break for deep breathing. Find your own way to get yourself into a relaxed state. Or at least find a way to quiet down your experience of the moment. For example, I have a friend who assembles jigsaw puzzles.

Your intuition can be a wonderful guide in this chaotic world.

May these insights support your life path.

Blessed Be,

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