How Witches Receive Validation from the Gods

“Don’t worry about it,” I heard Donna say. In the middle of our phone conversation, Donna called out the “don’t worry” comment to her husband. The problem was that Donna did not truly listen to her husband.

It’s likely that her husband wanted to feel validated about his tough feelings and concern he had with a work-related situation.

Have you noticed that many times we try to soothe a friend or family member by saying something quick and simple? We say things like “It will be okay” – “You’ll find another job” – “There are more fish in the sea.”

At those times, our friend or family member just wants to be heard and assured that their uncomfortable feeling is justified. The person also wants to know that you empathize with their plight.

As witches, we know that the Gods provide us with real validation.

Here are three insights:

  1. Set up a potential encounter with the Gods for validation.

When I was a teen, I had a meditation session in which I met the God and Goddess. They enveloped me with love and care. This gave me the validation I really needed since I had grown up in household, tortured by my older brother and neglected by my parents.

This uplifting and validating meditation session took place after I had begun my study of valuable books on Wicca. The God and Goddess gave me clear validation that I was on the correct spiritual path for my life.

Will you set up a regularly scheduled meditation session for your daily life?

2. Find the clues of the Gods’ validation in your daily life.

In my life, I have experienced several clues. For example, I recently went to a medical center for a blood test. I stepped up to a machine and pulled the ticket that revealed your number in the line. The ticket read “9” – and that’s a sacred number. I felt reassured. One day later, my blood test revealed a healthy outcome.

I’m grateful for that clue.

Have you been experiencing truly rough moments recently? Sometimes, receiving positive clues from the Gods can give you the comfort you’re seeking. The Gods’ validation via clues can assure you that you’re on the right path.

Here’s a method. You can ask the Gods for a specific sign. You might ask the Gods, “If I am on the right path, please show me ____ today. If I am not on the right path, please show me ____ instead.”

For example, some time ago, I was baffled about a project. I asked the Gods, “If this is a project for me to get involved in, please show me a white rabbit.” The next day I went to the Filoli House and Garden for the first time and saw a white rabbit statue. That was reassuring.

2. Validation is valuable even when you don’t feel good.

I deal with depression symptoms. My husband frequently says supportive things that validate how I’m feeling.

I’m disappointed that I often cannot feel the warmth of his supportive comment because the depression symptoms block my positive feelings.

Should my husband give up and stop making the effort to say supportive comments to validate my feelings? No. Because if he did not say the loving, supportive comments … on some level, I would miss them. There would be a hole in my life.

My point is: Giving validation is still valuable even if your friend or loved one cannot take it in at this moment.

In summary, the Gods give us true validation. Additionally, the Gods placed some divinity in each of us. I suggest that your divinity can be kind to others and offer them validation, too.

May these insights support you on your life path.

Blessed Be,

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