How Witches Find Their Personal Form of Spirituality

At 14 years old, I was sent on a spiritual retreat. The group leader said to find a spot in the forest and read a letter. That’s when I found out that it was written by my parents. Years later, when I thought about this process, I realized that my parents and their spiritual group were attempting to push me to see the world in their way.

Instead, while I was out in nature, I found my own understanding, and it wasn’t of their God, but of the God and Goddess.

This brings me to thoughts about how we, witches, find our personal form of spirituality.

Here are three insights:

  1. Discover how spirituality comforts you.

Have you had a moment in which you prayed to the Gods and felt support? Spirituality can be of great comfort. When we are worried, we may call on the God and Goddess and find comfort and often guidance.

When my depression symptoms flare up, I try to concentrate on the Gods and how They love me. They care about me every day. I try to slow down and take a few deep breaths in and out—and talk with the Gods. I tell them how I am feeling, and They send comfort and understanding. They are great listeners.

  1. Use your spiritual tools for great decision-making.

When I need to make a decision, I use my spiritual tools to help me. My favorite tools are the Tarot and meditation.

I also use a process I call “If this then that.” Here is how it works.

Samantha needs to make a decision about taking a new job. She goes into meditation and asks the Gods for a sign. She says, internally, “If this new job is a great match for me, please show me a red balloon.” Over the next days, she stays alert to see if she sees a red balloon. (You can choose whatever object feels appropriate to you.)

When it comes to using spiritual tools, sometimes, the Gods give you a completely different sign than what you asked for. That is when it’s valuable to keep up your meditation sessions. Over some days, you may receive more guidance.

  1. Nurture your personal growth and connect with the Gods.

As witches, we realize that personal growth is one of the most important things on this spiritual path. Working with the Gods helps us grow.

How do we nurture our personal growth with the God and Goddess? It’s about devoting time with Them.

We can connect with Them in a meditation session, a walk in nature, or by doing rituals.

Doing rituals dedicated to the Gods helps strengthen your bond with Them.

I’ve noticed that when I’m connecting with the Gods, I step out of daily worries.

When you’re feeling low energy, you can decide to do a brief meditation session, a prayer, a chant, or a simple ritual. Enjoy the resulting feeling of support and being personally nurtured by the Gods.

May these insights support you on your life path.

Blessed Be,

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