How Witches Deal with People in Separate Realities

“What a surprise. When Cheryl said that comment, it felt like we were not even talking about the same reality,” my friend, Andrew, said.

This led to an interesting conversation. We talked about how each practitioner of witchcraft and Wicca has a truly individualistic practice.

Witchcraft and Wicca have space for people to have an individual approach to spirituality.

Each witch has a unique belief system.

Here are three insights:

  1. Choose your Pantheon of Gods to focus on

Here are a couple of examples: the Celtic Pantheon, Egyptian Pantheon, and Germanic Pantheon. For example, one of my friends relates to the Germanic Pantheon and especially focuses on the God Odin.

Perhaps, you’re at a specific point in which you’re focusing on a particular aspect of life.

For example, one person may focus on communication (Mercury – the God of Communication … and more.).

Another person might relate to compassion (Quan Yin – the Chinese Goddess/Bodhisattva* of Compassion).

(*Bodhisattva, in Mahayanist Buddhism, means a person who can reach nirvana but delays doing so because this person seeks to relieve the suffering of other beings. So, some people do not view Quan Yin as a Goddess.)

Focusing on a particular God or Goddess (or Pantheon) can assist you in creating a unique worldview and spiritual practice.

This choice is an important one. Ask: “How do I see the world?” Then, do research into the different pantheons to see how you feel about the Gods and Goddesses of each.

What aspect of a God or Goddess means the most to you?

  1. Notice how you experience the truth – and leave space for others’ perceptions

Ask ten witches what they believe, and you will get ten different answers.

Many of us say we believe something because we know it’s true.

Some of us come together in a coven. Covenmates may have a similar view of the Gods. Still, each individual will have varying beliefs.

Ask yourself, “How do I know something is true?”

We remember the old question: Is the glass half-full or half-empty?

What is your answer?

This question relates to how you perceive a situation.

My point here is that both answers (half-full or half-empty) can be correct simultaneously.

This brings me back to Andrew’s discovery of Cheryl’s “separate reality.”

Andrew does not need to prove that he is right and that Cheryl’s interpretation is wrong.

In fact, both interpretations can be correct. How? Andrew and Cheryl have had truly different life experiences. This shapes how they look at things.

For example, a friend of mine had a student who was marrying someone of a different faith. As a Buddhist, she felt she would eventually (beyond death) become one with “all that is.” Her fiancé held to his Christian focus to become one with God.

Here is the good news. This couple could realize that they both focused on “becoming one with the Source.”

Are you leaving space for friends or family to have interpretations that are different than your worldview?

  1. Discover your interpretation of the Gods’ plan

What is your truth? Do you believe in reincarnation? Do you believe in karma?

As we go through life, we build a complex tapestry of beliefs. Every experience shapes us and forms our unique path.

As you choose and take action, you are creating strands of your own unique tapestry of beliefs.

Each strand builds upon the others, creating your worldview. This includes your interpretation of the Gods’ plan for you and how you see yourself in it. 

I’ve learned that when I focus on how the Gods love me and support me for my personal growth, I feel supported and comforted.

How do you feel the Gods’ want to support you?

May these insights help you on your life path.

Blessed Be,

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