How Witches Create on the Astral Plane and Beyond

Would you like to create new and better circumstances in your life? It’s valuable to realize that you manifest what you want on the Astral Plane first.

Here are three insights:

  1. You create twice—first on the Astral Plane.

When you are doing spellcraft, you want to make a change on this earthly plane. I’ve learned from spiritual elders that you really need to begin with creating change on the Astral Plane.

When doing spells, you construct the change you want on the Astral Plane first. Eventually your desired change will manifest on the material plane. That can occur when you have done the necessary steps of your spell.

Visualization is so important in doing your spells. Your spellwork begins with your mind and focusing on what you truly want.

Your visualization and your will interact to create a “form or structure” on the Astral Plane.

What do you truly want to manifest?

  1. Be careful on the Astral Plane.

Working on the Astral Plane includes risks.

For example, my spiritual elders warned me that entities exist on the Astral Plane that can consume your energy. This is the reason that witches begin by building a safe place on the Astral Plane. That safe place is where they conduct their work. (Often, witches learn more in-depth details directly from a spiritual elder.)

Here, I’ll share some valuable principles. Your thoughts create reality. For example, have you noticed that when you are in a bad mood, things just seem to go wrong left and right? This results from making the situation worse by putting that negative energy onto the Astral Plane.

Be careful. It’s important to move yourself into a good mood before you do spellwork.

I’ve learned to shift my mood by reading material by a favorite author or listening to some great music.

If you can’t seem to shake a bad mood, place your energy into something positive. For example, I’ll turn to knitting or reading my Book of Shadows (BOS). Not only am I changing my focus onto something positive, but with my knitting, I am creating something useful.

  1. Focus so you can connect with the Gods on the Astral Plane.

A number of witches go to the Astral Plane and connect with the God and Goddess. The Gods are present to help and support your dreams and desires.

I begin certain forms of meditation sessions by going to my own safe place on the Astral Plane. Then, I simply say something like: “Lord and Lady, please join me here [in my safe space].”

When you’re in your safe space, you can talk with the God and Goddess free of interruptions from other entities on the Astral Plane.

May these insights support your life path.

Blessed Be,

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