How Witches Connect with the Spiritual Gifts of Yule

“What does the Winter Solstice have to do with spirituality?” my friend, Andrew, asked.

“In ancient times, people saw the Winter Solstice as the longest night of the year, and they were deeply concerned because the Sun-God disappeared at that time. Think of how this contrasts with Yule. In fact, after the longest night, we celebrate the rebirth of the God—something that restores our hope,” I replied.

Here are three insights:

  1. Realize that the God is reborn and will grow strong

The idea of the rebirth of the God ties to the original, ancient impression that the God and the Sun were one. As the Sun is “stronger” during the Spring, the impression is that the God is growing and increasing in power.

When I think of this pattern, I realize that we, witches, experience times of rebirth, too. It would help to support our rebirth-times. You can do a ritual. For example, you can include this chant with a ritual bath to cleanse yourself of the negative energy of the past year.

I celebrate Your rebirth 
Your support guides my rebirth.
At this time for my renewal
My heart will shine like a jewel.
With hope, I take action
My soul fills with Inspiration.
So Mote It Be.

  1. Embrace Yule as a time of celebration

Witches refer to the God who has come back from death. This is a time of celebration. The God has returned from the Underworld. Now the Earth will grow green again. Our spirits are renewed because Spring is on the way.

  1. You have an opportunity for renewed hope and inner peace when you embrace the seasons

Yule is about new beginnings. It reminds us that in the middle of the cold winter, we’re on a path of renewal and hope. Years ago, I was stuck in a hospital for a month. My spleen was destroying my platelets. I could bleed out at any time. Doctors attempted to heal me with medications.

That did not work.

Only after surgery that removed my spleen did I receive the glimmer that my life would continue. I’ve thought of that moment when I was in the recovery room as a moment of Yule. My glimmer of hope rose in the middle of a “winter season.”

We all go through winter seasons in our lives. 

I’m hoping that you’re feeling that glimmer of hope this Yule time.

May these insights support your life path.

Blessed Be,

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