How Witches Release the Old Year and Welcome the New Year

“I am so ready for 2020 to be over. But …” my friend, Samantha, began.

“But … what?” I asked.

“I’m afraid that somehow 2021 won’t be the big relief year that I’m hoping for,” Samantha concluded.

I thought about this, and I realized that Samantha’s concerns could be valid. Things may be tougher than we hope. It may take more time for things to settle down.

Here are three insights:

  1. Release the previous year

With all the fear, divisiveness, and more negativity, I join many people in saying: “Goodbye 2020!” It’s easy to add the phrase “good riddance,” too.

In order to welcome the good of 2021, it will help us to consciously release the previous year.

Release The Previous Year Prayer

This year I release.
All pain, all good, all in between
I release you now.
I give all lessons to the Gods’ purposes.
They see my path better than I can.
Dear Gods support me as I begin again
In the New Year.
Thank you, year that is past.
Welcome New Year.
Welcome New Year.

So, let’s release all of 2020’s negativity and pull in the New Year’s positive potential.

  1. Include gratitude with the sadness

Recently, I read about several spouses of veterans who returned from war.

In tears, the spouse says, “You never came home.”

The veteran has emotionally shutdown.

This ties into my thoughts about each year of life.

Emotionally shutting down cuts us off from the Gods’ gifts that we received in the previous year.

You might ask: “What gifts? Lockdowns due to Covid-19. Job losses. Uncertainty. And more.”

And yet, I pause. I give thanks that one of my friends received a new kidney and pancreas. Life-saving surgery.

I give thanks that another friend had three novels published—a creative dream come true.

My own podcast passed 15,471 downloads.

Here my point is: “Include gratitude with the sadness.”

It is appropriate to honor any sadness you may feel.

The idea is to allow space for gratitude, too.

I remember the movie Inside Out. The main character learns that some of the sweetest memories can be tinged with sadness as well.

I feel relieved to have endured in 2020. And, I say prayers of gratitude.

  1. Roll out the red carpet for the New Year

Imagine new wonderful things coming in 2021.

What would be meaningful to you?

At this moment, I expect that I will create a third online course. Serving people through my online courses warms my heart.

When I say roll out the red carpet, I’m really talking about taking action to welcome the New Year. You could design your own ritual to celebrate the New Year.

Prayer to Welcome 2021

Grand and glorious New Year
I open my heart and raise a cheer.
Gods support me as I face my fear.
Your bounty for me is now clear.
Let me find peace in this hopeful New Year.

May these insights support you on your life path.

Blessed Be,

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