How Witches Go Beyond Novelty and Ego toward the Truth

In a recent conversation, a friend and I talked about how so many of us are searching for novelty. We like something new. Many of us are caught up in FOMO (“Fear of missing out”).

After the conversation, a phrase arose in my thoughts, “Truth is beyond novelty, ego, and fear.”

I have three insights for you:

  1. Novelty can invigorate your rituals and spellwork.

Some research suggests that novelty can increase the secretion of dopamine in the brain. Our brain appears to “light up” in a way when truly novel objects are presented.

You can bring novelty to how you do rituals. You can change elements of your spellwork. It’s possible that you’ll enjoy this new process, and such pleasure may increase the power of your spellwork.

Having novelty can help spice things up for my own spellwork.

Additionally, it is important to understand that novelty is only one part of the pie.

  1. Find a space beyond novelty and the ego

When you explore and find novel ways to do spellwork or rituals, you can find a certain form of truth: What you like and dislike.

However, with FOMO, we can get tangled up in our ego. In my books, I’ve written about how the ego can be seen as made of fear. If we’re caught in “fear of missing out,” we can miss other parts of the truth.

I’ve noticed that truth can be buried under a lot of emotional layers.

“… if that which thou seekest thou findest not within thee, thou wilt never find it without thee.” – Doreen Valiente, in The Charge of the Goddess, writing in the voice of The Goddess

I note that this quote can read as: “If what you’re looking for is not inside you, you will not find it outside you.”

So, what is inside you?

Perhaps, you noticed that much of your day is focused on worries and fear.

When you meditate you may find something else inside you: The divinity placed there by the Gods.

The truth of your spirit is inside you, and it is beyond novelty and the ego.

  1. Invite the Gods to help you in your journey to the truth.

Sometimes, finding the truth can be difficult. This is where the Gods come in. Going into a meditation session or a light trance can give us the space to connect with the Gods.

What truth may you find? You may find that have more compassion because you have been hurt. You may discover that you’re stronger than you think you are. You might find a new purpose in your life.

The Gods guide us in many ways. When in meditation, ask the God and Goddess for Their help in exploring your inner truths. You could say a small prayer at the beginning of your meditation session.

My God and Goddess,
Remove the layers of lies and deception
To unearth my truth.
Uncover my treasures within.
Though in darkness, I seek the way.
Help me find my truth day by day.

Sometimes, the journey is long and hard. Still, your journey may be much sweeter when you connect with the Gods.

Blessed Be,

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