How Witches Use Ritual and Willpower for Their Spells

My cat, Magick, in the morning whispers. As the day goes on, he finds his voice. At night, his meow is loud. Willpower is the opposite of this. Willpower starts strong, but like an overused muscle, it fades as the day goes on.

Here are three insights:

  1. Get in motion with a ritual and take care of your body.

Exercise can help with your rituals. How? Your healthy body is a source of energy. We can build energy by dancing and moving the body. Your body is like a battery; when you move it, you are charging your body.

You’ll develop more energy and stamina when you make sure to move during the day. Sitting and remaining stationary for most of the day can drastically reduce the energy you have to use in rituals.

Additionally, you can develop a small pattern or “ritual” to get yourself in motion. For example, my friend, Joe, starts a writing session with his partner by doing ten pushups. That may seem strange, but Joe’s friend is used to it. This is a way Joe gets in a bit of exercise as he goes through his day.

Having a small pattern/ritual for getting yourself to move is helpful. As a bonus, the small pattern/ritual becomes automatic. It’s a habit that reduces your need for willpower to get in motion.

  1. Connect with the Gods to enhance your magick.

We connect with the Gods to build our relationship with Them. One of the benefits of this process is that you connect with Their energies and the natural energy around you. In this way, you can enhance your magick.

Magick is the channeling of natural energy. The more you connect with the Gods, the stronger you become. You unite your energy with Their energy.

After meditation or a ritual, be sure to give an offering to the Gods.

  1. Be selective in how you use your willpower.

One of my friends says that she eats salad for breakfast because that’s when she has the most willpower in her day.

Witches tend to wait until the sun goes down before they do a ritual.

On the other hand, if you are doing a complex ritual and you need your willpower and energy at a higher point, you may decide to do the ritual early in the day. The reason is: Research shows that the more decisions you make, the more you deplete your willpower. Willpower acts like water in a reservoir. We make decisions, and the reservoir is depleted. Then we rest, sleep, and find more water in the reservoir on the next day.

Be selective in how you use your willpower.

May these insights support your life journey.

Blessed Be,

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