How Witches Deal with Healing and “The Energy of Rebelling”


Do you feel squeezed or pushed at this time?
Many of us certainly feel pressed by the health crises and unrest in the world.
We may want to rebel against whatever is oppressing us. Recently, I took part in a conversation about how “the energy of rebelling” can arise in our practice as witches.

Here are three insights:

  1. Look beneath the “energy of rebelling” for what you truly want

Often, when people rebel, it’s about going against something—perhaps, systemic racism, oppression of women, or other extreme situations.

People rebel against something that does not work in the world.

I have also noticed witches rebelling against the teachings of certain elders.

We, witches, may have chosen our spiritual path because we are individualistic in our approach to spirituality. Some individuals rebel against standard organized religion and look for the Pagan path and specific details that speak to them personally.

My point here is for us to look for what we truly want.

This urge to rebel may be on the surface, like a storm raging over the ocean. When you dive below the waves, you can find what you truly want.

What do you truly want?

Freedom …. community that you can relate to … people who feel as you do … support from the Gods … perhaps, other important elements for your spiritual practice.

I suggest that if you work with any spiritual elders, that you take the time to learn more about them.

If you can, ask someone who knows the particular spiritual elder these questions: “Since you worked with this spiritual elder, would you work with them again? Why? [or why not?]”

  1. Realize the “Energy of Rebelling” may rise from pain.

Many of us carry the pain that may have come from some form of cruelty … systemic racism, oppression of women, violence, and other terrible actions.

Some individuals rebel against spiritual elders because of a recreation of a mother-child or father-child pattern.

If possible, see if you can have a conversation in which you express your concerns about a pattern that seems to have arisen. Gently ask for what you need. Also, ask what the spiritual elder would like to see happen.

Sometimes, the answers do not line up, and one may need to find a different spiritual elder.

We all walk a personal spiritual path. Sometimes, we walk with others, and sometimes we walk alone for a time. Be true to your own path.

  1. Invite the Gods to support your journey from pain to healing.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ― Rumi

I’ve noticed that when one has a wound, one can have a hole. The hole allows energy to come in. Witches do well when they focus on making sure that healing energy comes in where it is needed.

Ask the Gods to support you in enhancing healing energy.

You can do a simple healing ritual with a green candle.

A Healing Prayer

Powerful Lord, Gracious Lady
Heal my wounds
And transform this pain
Into a creative force
For good
For strength
For peace within myself.
May my healing flow outward.
And bless my sisters, brothers, and the Earth.
Blessed Be.

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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