How Witches Reignite Love

Element of Fire
(thanks to photographer Arthur)

In recent months, a number of heartbroken people have asked for help to reignite love. Some turn to certain individuals to do “a love spell.” As you’ll see in this post, focusing on self-love and the Gods brings some peace and calm.

Here are three insights:

  1. Avoid trying to change the other person.

The first thing to focus on is that it is unethical to attempt to do a love spell and try to do something that is against another person’s will.

You have probably noticed that when you attempt to push someone, you get what you do not want—resistance.

It is better to attract the person. Attract their interest.

How do we do that? We focus on rituals and meditation that are focused on enhancing our own personal aliveness and attractiveness.

  1. It’s about bringing the other person close and enhancing your attractiveness.

We’re talking about reigniting love, so this is about a relationship that worked earlier. People come together because of mutual attraction.

In a long-term relationship, it becomes a dance. One partner pursues, and the other person at times draws back. The hope is that this fluctuation does not become too extreme.

To reignite love, you can look at what were your personal attractive qualities. Were you a good listener? Did you make your partner feel strong, intelligent, important, even sexy?

Perhaps, you’re in a time now in which stress (personal or even medical) has upset the balance. Some witches fortify their personal balance and health by doing meditation and rituals to invite the Gods’ support.

Being attractive and feeling attractive does not work if you are upside down.

To bring another person close, you need to be attentive to their needs.

“[Your partner needs answers] to these questions: Can I reach you? (Accessibility) … Can I rely on you to respond and care about my feelings? (Responsiveness) … Will you value me, put me first, and stay close? (Engagement).” – Dr. Sue Johnson

Because of how tough life can be and how we go through rough phases, it can be truly difficult to have the energy to be attentive to your partner’s needs. Still, it is a critical process. Some people find it necessary to get counseling so they have someone else to talk to.

  1. Ask the Gods to help release those elements that block your natural attractiveness.

Here is a candle ritual to help you strengthen yourself, enhance your attractiveness and support the bond you share with your partner.

First, use olive oil and “dress the candle”—that is, you apply the oil from the wick to the base. Be sure to use only a small amount of olive oil on the white candle.

Set up your candle so you can safely light it.

Prayer for Reigniting Love Ritual

Lord and Lady,
Thank you for Your support.
Guide me to respond and
Not react in this time.
Give me Your strength.
Enhance my attractiveness.
Bring my [partner] and me closer.
Enhance our feelings of love.
Let us recapture the feelings of joy
And aliveness we knew before—
And have our feelings now blossom
Into this new form of deeper love.
Replace my fear with
Openness, curiosity, and warmth.
Have my [partner] wake up to
This new chapter for us.
Release us from the shackles of
Disappointment, conflict, and fear.
Lord and Lady,
Reignite our love,
Strengthen our bond,
And have joy return to our hearts.
For this or better.
So mote it be.

Be certain to safely burn the candle all the way down until it is extinguished on its own. (Safety tip: Do not leave a lit candle unattended.)

May these insights help you on your path.

Blessed Be,

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