How Witches Find Hidden Truths that Brighten Your Path

My friend looked at me, a question in her eyes: How do I know?

Clearly uncomfortable, she had no question to offer before rolling the Divinatory Dice.

I realized that questions often reveal the horizon and shine light on a new path.

Here are three insights:

  1. Consider Divinatory Practices.

Divinatory Practices include The Tarot, the pendulum, dice, and more.

These practices can use the insights of the Gods and give us access to our own intuition.

Special Note: Realize that what arises at the moment is only a snapshot of what the future might hold at this instant. You could have a new thought, which could lead to a new future outcome. That’s why it’s valuable to check different methods of divination. Often, it is good to wait for the next day to ask the same question. Consider doing meditation and ask the Gods for Their guidance.

  1. Quickly jot down three questions.

An important practice is to quickly blurt out three questions. Why? Sometimes, we can get tangled up in our rational thinking. This can limit what arises in our consciousness.

Some people get so caught up in the past—past thoughts, past feelings, past resentments, and past regrets. That’s why it helps to blurt out your three questions. Pick one of the questions. Use a divinatory tool, and then write down its feedback.

  1. Ask the Gods for guidance related to meaning.

I’ve learned that it is important to release oneself from fear and to invite the Gods to show a path that includes contentment and creativity.

When I came across this phrase, You are love discovering itself, I recalled that the Gods have placed divinity within us.

It’s that spark of life that we each have, that part of us that is divine. We all have a piece of the Gods within us. That is the part we “hear” speaking to us in our hearts. What does anything mean in our life? Listen for the Gods’ insights.

We are, in a way, the Gods experiencing life/love through us. Learning to love ourselves is learning to remember our love for the Gods.

May these insights help you on your path.

Blessed Be,

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