How Witches Grow Beyond Tough Situations

“Your cat has diabetes,” the veterinarian said.

I shook my head, concerned that I could lose my dear companion.

“You’ll need to give him a shot of insulin in the morning and at night,” the veterinarian continued.

I discovered that I had to be precise with giving my cat, Magick, his insulin shots, or he could die at a young age for a cat.

This forced me to get up significantly earlier and go to sleep earlier.

It felt like a real burden. But then I discovered that having a precise schedule for going to sleep and for awakening trained my body. It was possible to get better sleep on a rigid schedule.

I have three insights for you…

  1. What bothers you may make you grow.

My depression symptoms are so painful. However, if I didn’t have to face this trouble for years, I may not be as strong as I am today. I’ve learned to have compassion and patience. I have gained endurance.

Additionally, I deal with dyslexia. It bothers me that I can’t read well and comprehend things in writing the way other people do. But I have learned to not give up. I keep learning about writing. I have also learned to work hard at my studies.

As I face depression symptoms and dyslexia, I find that I have become a stronger, kinder person. 

  1. Find a way to transform the tough moment into a “growing moment.”

Have ever you felt resentment when a friend or family member told you, “This is something that you’ll outgrow. It won’t mean much to you next year”?

I heard this Chinese adage: “If your horse dies, get off it.”

This reminds me to stop doing something that is not working.

Over the years, dealing with dyslexia, I had to press on and find different ways to learn what I wanted to learn.

If studying in a certain way isn’t working, I invite you to change your approach.

You can apply this process of “get off the dead horse” and move on—to how you do witchcraft.

Let’s say you’re doing some spells you found in a book, and things have not gone well.

This may be a sign that it’s time for you to do something new. Perhaps, you want to look into other resources. You may want to listen to your own intuition and to change your own words. (Special Note: Be sure to keep certain protection clauses in your spellwork. For example, “An it harm none” and “For this or better.”)

  1. Turn to the Gods for support through the “growing pains.”

Much of our growing pains in life can be soothed by the God and Goddess.

They understand that living is hard in many cases. We all endure some measure of pain, sadness, and stress. When problems come up and the pain of the issues become overwhelming, turn to the Gods.

I know that when I am having problems, the Gods are always here for me.

I talk to Them, and They give me comfort and support.

I invite you to have consistent daily practices. Perhaps, you’ll have a daily meditation session or prayer session to invite the Gods to support you.

May these insights support you on your path.

Blessed Be,

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