How Witches Deal with Televised and Social Media Cruelty

“I know I should let go, but I’m stuck,” I told my friend, Sarah.

It had been another bitter morning caused by one of my family members. This guy just spewed bitter garbage criticizing another family member.

So, I was upset by the mean comments said in my household.
At the same time, Sarah was upset because she had seen a morning televised report about how some idiot had abused a cat. The cat soon died.

This led to a discussion about Goddess’s grace, letting go and even shielding ourselves.

I have three insights for you…

  1. Choose self-care.

The Lord and Lady want you to be happy.

“For mine is the ecstasy of the spirit and mine also is joy on earth; for my Law is Love unto all Beings.” – Doreen Valiente, writing in the voice of the Goddess, in The Charge of the Goddess

The Gods want you to be free of continual stress. They understand that you will have challenges and obstacles to overcome. They know that it’s important for you to take care of yourself. Each of us must discover what works as personal self-care. Such self-care will help you let go of stress and become healthier.

In this post, I will share specifics about shielding, letting go, and dealing with the triggers that televised/social media cruelty presses upon us.

  1. Discover shielding and letting go.

To help you shield yourself, I developed the InstaCircle.

How to Do an InstaCircle

Using your power hand (that is, your dominant hand), trace the Circle three times around and above your head.

I cast my Circle thrice,
round, round and round.

Point your index finger up to the heavens and then pull energy down to the ground.

Let no bane get in,
From heavens to ground.

That completes your InstaCircle and your energy-shield.

  1. When you’re triggered, seek the strength of the Goddess.

Have you noticed how often televised news broadcasts and much of social media features a communication designed to trigger the audience?

Unfortunately, many people seek to use triggers to manipulate the audience. Triggers create fear, disgust and anger.

When you find yourself triggered, bring Goddess into your awareness.

When I talk to the Goddess who soothes me, I get a better connection with Her. Simply talking, in your mind, to Goddess can empower you on a daily basis. You can also grow in your relationship with Her through rituals and meditation.

You can say:

Dear Goddess,
Help me strengthen my resolve.
Release me from stress.
Let me bring the best of myself
To each moment of life.

Since you can observe how certain televised broadcasts/social media trigger you, a crucial plan is to reduce your exposure to said televised broadcasts/social media.

Some of us find ourselves having nightmares.

It’s valuable to bring Goddess into a process of settling to sleep.

You can say:

Lovely Lady,
Guide me to sleep tonight.
Give me rest
For I am safe
And whole in this moment.
I rest in Your arms.
You bless me, and I am grateful.
So Mote It Be.

For many of us, it is vital to stay away from screens (TV and devices) for two hours before sleep, so we can have restful sleep.

Special Note: We realize that terrible things are going on in this world. We must learn to shift and shield ourselves. We can also develop what I call Action-Hope. For example, I was concerned about animal cruelty. So, for years I volunteered the Peninsula Humane Society. I was part of the answer in that I cared for small animals for a portion of each week. Later, I went to another Humane Society facility so I could adopt my cat, Magick, when he was a kitten.

Goddess knows that we need rest and to shift into an empowered state of being.

Also, you can connect with other resources. For dealing with my own depression symptoms, I have therapy and appropriate medication to support my health.

May these insights support you.

Blessed Be,

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