How Witches Dig Deep and Find Their True Path

Path in the woods

Do you believe that you live in a friendly universe that will give you what you want?

The Gods want to give us what we want with a related detail. Sometimes, what you want is not good for you. For example, a small child may want candy all the time, but they need nutrition. Here is a process to help you dig deeper than your surface desires.

  1. Ask the “5-Deep Questions.”

Here is an example. When talking with my friend, Steven, I first asked him, “What do you want?”

“I want new job,” he replied.

“What will that get you?”

“Money,” Steven said.

“And what does money get you?”

“Freedom from worries.”

I remained silent for a moment. “So, what you really want is freedom from worries?


(This example shows how to discover a deeper level. With only three questions, we got to freedom from worries. Now, we can go further.)

“What does freedom from worries get you?” I asked.

“I don’t know.”

I remained silent for a little while.

“Peace, he said.

“You want peace?” I asked.


“What do you get with peace?”

“I can stop being so afraid.”

“So, you want to be free of fear?”

Steven’s eyes lit up. “Yes! I really want to be free of fear.”

Steven has taken a short journey of discovery.

  1. Look for a way to go directly to what you deeply want.

When you ask these questions, you drill down to the essential part of what you really want.

After I work with these questions, I like to do a meditation session. As I meditate, I talk with the Gods and ask Them about details I uncovered with my questions.

One time, Their guidance was that I could go directly to peace and freedom from fear in a meditation session. It was as if all the external things like job, money, and buying stuff were not essential because the meditation session could take me directly to peace and interacting with the Gods.

  1. Notice the Gods’ point of view of the difference between your wants and needs.

The Gods know what you really need. You may want a high-paying job, but maybe you’re not ready for the tough hours that the job requires. The Gods  know that you will miss out on closeness with family members because the job’s required long-hours would keep you away from them. Those long hours may wreak havoc on your health.

The Gods see the overview of what’s truly good for us. We may ask for something, and the Gods may protect us from the damage that certain things may cause.

The Gods care for us, and They want us to be happy. At the same time, They realize that we need to learn life lessons. The Gods can see more than we can. They know what we need in our lives.

I invite you to seek the Gods’ guidance in meditation sessions. Get access to the Gods’ understanding.

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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