How Witches’ Find the “Hidden Treasure” Within

When I was a young child, I had a supportive special education teacher named Mrs. Ireland. Suffering with my dyslexic difficulties, I felt that Mrs. Ireland’s kindness was like an island in a sea of my self-doubt and low self-esteem.

Mrs. Ireland even complimented me, in front of my parents, about an art project I did. This was like a strange, foreign experience to me. A delightful, uplifting experience. For once, I felt smart.

Many of us witches feel isolated in a world that often bashes us and our spiritual path.

The problem I see is that, as children, we are conditioned to rely on external reference points to feel that we are “okay.” Parents, guardians, teachers, and employers wield power. If you fulfill their requirements, you are okay. You have value. But if you don’t, you may feel you are bad and have no value as an individual.

We must find our intrinsic value. To me, that journey is the center of witchcraft.

“I coined the word ‘overculture’ to mean the larger society which often attempts to tell girls, women and elders what we ought, should and must be, do, act, react — but, and, as you know, often the deeper wild nature says otherwise — for the wild instinctual nature is wise and wild both, with innate gifts and creative callings — all following the naturally insightful voice of the true self, rather than the often ‘one-inch deep overculture’s voice’ that values uniformity and only pre-authorized dancing.” – Clarissa Pinkola Estés

We must cherish that deeper wild nature in ourselves. Often, we can’t find personal value on the outside. So, we must go deeper and investigate our heart and soul to see the value we naturally possess.

Sometimes, we may struggle with feeling our inner value because of depression or some other disability. This is where the Gods, ancestors and your guides come in.

In my experience the Gods see us as love and light. I like the phrase “The Gods don’t make junk.”

I keep writing about this, but I need to hear it. And maybe others do, too.

The place I hear the God and Goddess most strongly is during meditation. There I can be myself and relax. And I find my “Hidden Treasure.”

I invite you to start or continue a daily meditation practice. Do simple rituals. Connect with the God and Goddess. Find your calm inside—the Hidden Treasure—where the God and Goddess dwell within you.

Blessed Be,

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