How Witches Feel Stronger in the Goddess’s Presence

“Are you okay, Moonwater?” my friend, Sandra, asked me.

“There are great things. And other things, I’m coping with,” I said, truthfully.

My mother’s health collapsed. I’ve been at her side around the clock—in the emergency room, then in the hospital room and now at the apartment. We’re getting some help with a nurse sometimes visiting the home.

The pressure is so intense.

I realized that I need to lean on two ideas.

  1. Acknowledge the good you are doing.

“Focus on ‘Better than zero.’” – Tom Marcoux

I’m being buried in thoughts that I’m not doing enough for my mother. I feel that I’m not the ideal daughter. Then I take a breath and think about the idea, “Better than zero.” For me, I’m doing my best. I’m helping with her meds and helping her walk with a walker. When I feel like I should be doing more than what I can handle, I remember “Better than Zero.”

How can you fit the idea of Better than zero in your life?

  1. Realize the Goddess’s Presence.

“I have been with thee from the beginning.” – the Goddess, as noted in the writings of Doreen Valiente

The Goddess is always with us. Even with me at this time of distress. So, I can draw strength from Her. And I do.

Just asking the Goddess to guide me and support me makes me feel better. She gives me more energy when I feel I have given it all.

I just concentrate on the Goddess and say a silent prayer to Her. Usually, I feel a gentle energy around me. I can draw energy, compassion, and love from Her. Then I can continue my work to help my Mom.

How will you call upon the Goddess’s support?

May these ideas support your journey.

Blessed Be,

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