How Witches Strengthen Their Will

“I don’t feel strong enough to keep going with this job,” my friend, Fred, said.

Many of us truly desire to feel stronger and to have the will to make necessary changes in our lives.

I have three insights for you.

  1. Work on your focus.

Witches practice concentrating on an object in their mind.

Here is an example of the process.

You can start with an apple. Hold it close to your nose and breathe in its fragrance.

Place the apple in front of you. Focus on the apple.

Then close your eyes.

Use your mind’s eye to recall the apple and its characteristics—the aroma, the shape and the patterns of the colors.

This can serve as a powerful beginning for using your imagination in your spellwork.

  1. Concentrate on the energy that fuels your will.

In a post some time ago, I wrote: “… if you are doing a complex ritual and you need your willpower and energy at a higher point, you may decide to do the ritual early in the day. The reason is: Research shows that the more decisions you make, the more you deplete your willpower. Willpower acts like water in a reservoir. We make decisions, and the reservoir is depleted. Then we rest, sleep, and find more water in the reservoir on the next day.”

Witches devote their awareness and efforts to support their willpower.

  1. Focus on the Goddess’ Law

 “For my Law is Love unto all Beings.” – Doreen Valiente, writing in the voice of the Goddess, in The Charge of The Goddess

Love is the true source of a witch’s natural power. Love is the essence of the Goddess.

When you align your will with Love, you tap into the natural energies of the Goddess.

You feel Her compassion, Her kindness, and Her support for you and your path.

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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