How Witches reconnect with the Beauty and Awe of Life

“It was … amazing,” my friend, Robert, said. “The first notes of the song just resonated in my body, and I was teleported,” he said. “I was overcome. I trembled. The music filled me with awe.”

I have three insights for you.

  1. Remember the moments of beauty and awe you’ve experienced.

I remember sitting on Pebble Beach with my friends. We watched the sunset. The Gods painted the sky, which danced with color. The beautiful moon glowed. Ethereal and breathtaking.

What moments made you tingle due to the beauty and awe you experienced? It’s important to pause and remember these moments. Your intuition will remind you to seek other opportunities for such gifts from the God and Goddess.

  1. Bring some moments of beauty and awe into your daily routine.

When you see beauty, thank the Gods for that moment—that gift.

Take time to pause during your daily routine. Soon you can realize that the Gods are constantly placing these moments of beauty and awe in our lives. The startling truth is that many of us have fallen asleep. Instead, we must consciously choose to notice and appreciate these divine moments.

  1. Bring the Gods into your special moments.

If you know you are going to create a special moment (for example on a camping trip or maybe a night out), make a plan to pause and thank the Gods for your blessings.

The God and Goddess love how you reach out to Them and express appreciation.

Appreciation Prayer
Lord and Lady,
Thank you for this moment.
Such beauty that
You give me.
I’m grateful.
I’m here.
I’m grateful.

When you pause, calm down, and open up to the moment of beauty and awe, your whole life takes on a new dimension.

Remember, in every moment, you are connected with the Lord and Lady.

When you shift to gratitude, you nourish your spirit.

May these insights support your journey.

Blessed Be,

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