How Witches Deal with an Uncaring World

“Intense! The world can be so cold,” Adrianna, a friend, said.

“I hear you,” I replied.

This started a conversation about how to carry on and hold your calm when you’re confronted with rude and even cruel people.

Here are three insights.

  1. Use deep breathing.

It’s possible to change how you feel by consciously using your breath. You can work up to a 1:2 ratio of breathing. You can breathe in for one count and breathe out with two counts. You work up to two counts (inhale) and four counts (exhale). When you do this, make sure you are using your belly not your upper chest. This will help you destress and relax. Next, you can shift your mind away from ruminating.

  1. Shift your mind away from ruminating and fuming.

Perhaps, you see some cruel people doing something terrible as depicted in a news broadcast. Maybe, you react and feel anger. Then you practice deep breathing. A next step can be to develop your personal sentence that guides you to shift your thoughts and feelings.

Here’s an example:

“We always do the best we can by the light we have to see by.” – Julia Cameron

You might think that misguided people are in the dark. Maybe in that moment, you might feel a stirring of compassion.

Sometimes, you may find misguided people in your own family, maybe some individual who fails to demonstrate kindness and caring. In this case, I invite you to seek your own tribe (perhaps, your coven) to come together in shared compassion and strength. Friends and coven mates are a great resource of strength. You can also turn to the Gods for peace.

  1. Know that the Gods care about you and Their Light is in “Pockets” of the World

Years ago, I had certain neighbors who were also Wiccan. Visiting them was like taking in a breath of fresh air in a lovely oasis. I found that I could rejuvenate when visiting those dear friends of mine.

Another example of friendship and having points of light in this world occured when my husband recently needed to prepare for a job interview. He has a circle of friends (9 people) who all helped him rehearse and prepare. He personally knows that there are caring people in the world.

We need to reach out, develop, and nurture friendships. This includes relating to the God and Goddess.

The God and Goddess smile as we lift our hearts with loving friendships. And They are there to lean on when trouble hits us in the face. So don’t forget to talk to Them. They are quite understanding, and They will lend you Their strength.

May these insights support your journey.

Blessed Be,

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