How Witches Handle Feeling Dread

“I have to move,” my friend, Audrey, said. “I’m probably going to end up in an unsafe neighborhood.”

“What brings that up?” I asked.

“I just know it.”

This began a conversation in which Audrey projected a worst-case scenario.

She was full of dread.

The idea of dreading something is to “anticipate with great apprehension or fear (Oxford Languages).”

Here are three insights.

  1. Let go of being certain about bad future events.

Many of us say, “My mind just brings up these terrible thoughts. How am I going to control that?”

The first step is to observe your thoughts. Then, you can become conscious of a new pattern to place into the situation.

Audrey said, “I’m probably going to end up in an unsafe neighborhood.”

Does she know that for certain? No.

What can she do?

She can preplan her “second thought.” She says, “I don’t know the future. I’ll do some research about apartment buildings that have rental prices I can manage.”

Rerunning negative thoughts can disable your spellwork. You need to let go of these thoughts.

If you overly focus on the negative, your magick to counter the event will be useless. It won’t work, plain and simple.

A first step is to preplan your second thought. At least, shift to a neutral focus. It’s true that you do not know the future.

We’ll also need to look at patterns around feeling powerless about the future.

  1. Handle feeling powerless when others make bad decisions.

At certain times, I have felt powerless when someone I care about is making a bad decision. I realize that adults will do what they do. People seem to change only when they’re in so much pain that they feel “forced” into change.

So where does my personal power go? I need to direct my own perception and my own focus.

I have the power to choose to use my own tools for remaining calm and centered. I focus on deep breathing.

Deep breathing, known as belly breathing, can really help you release upset feelings.

Consider doing a ritual.  Remember you are a witch, and you have the tools and the Gods by your side.

3 Ask the Gods for patience and space to hope.

I talk to the Gods daily. I ask for calm and peace in my mind. I also ask Them to intervene on my behalf.

How do you relate with the Gods?

The Gods will always be present whatever happens. Knowing this gives me hope that things will always work out for the best. “For the best” may not mean “I feel comfortable.” I look on our time here on Earth as a classroom with lessons for our spirit.

The Gods are here to help us achieve our greatest goals and desires. Ask for Their help. And, do your part with spellwork, meditation and more. If you want a new job, you’ll need to put out resumes and go in for job interviews. For example, I know someone who rehearsed with nine friends in preparation for an important job interview. (In fact, in my online course Beyond the Law of Attraction to Real Magic(k): Manifest What You Want, Release Limiting Beliefs, Connect with the Goddess… I refer to Ask, Believe, Take Action, Receive.)

I realize that I do not know the future. I can have faith that the Goddess guides me, and She sees the big picture. Knowing this gives me space to feel hope for better outcomes with situations that seem so dark.

Some chapters of life are “transition-chapters.” When you get to the other side, you’ll experience new blessings.

May these insights support your life path.

Blessed Be,

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