How Witches Handle Time with Peace and Goddess’s View

“I don’t have enough time,” my friend, Audrey, said.

During our extended conversation, we explored different facets of how human beings deal with time. Even just saying “I’m busy” as a reflexive response can create extra stress. And that’s not necessary.

Here are three insights.

  1. Your perception of time is affected by your choice of words.

Your experience of the world is tinted by the words you speak in a habitual way. If you say, “I’m busy,” you can shut down yourself and a nearby family member or co-worker who tries to talk with you.

Your words can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Saying, “I don’t have enough time” can raise your stress level. And you experience “not enough time.”

As witches, we know words have power. This is the reason we take care as we vocalize our spells.

The vibrations in your voice have energy that go out into the world to do your work. So, your words have a magick of their own.

“Stop glorifying and victimizing being ‘busy’ and ‘overwhelmed.’ [Instead, focus on] three rhythms of a Sustainable Life: Intensity, Flow, and Replenishment.” – Christine Arylo

The idea is to design each day to have flow and replenishment (recovery, rest). Instead of saying “busy,” consider saying something like, “I’m having the next half-hour be about ‘intensity.’ After I finish this draft of my resume, I’ll come find you. We can take a break together.”

Imagine taking a break from the “intensity.”

Perhaps, in this way, you will have energy for casting circle that evening. 

  1. In your Circle, time is experienced differently.

After you cast your Circle and you’re doing a ritual inside said Circle, your perception of time changes. With my own coven, while being in Circle, in between the worlds, time seems to stop or slow down.

Have you completed a ritual, taken down your Circle, then seen a clock? Many of us are startled. We exclaim, “Where did the time go?”

While in Circle, you did not experience time the way a person outside your Circle perceives time.

It’s true that mundane life appears to keep speeding up. Many of us are glued to our smartphones. The constant interruptions squeeze us. We feel a bombardment of distractions.

Give yourself time to do ritual and step out of the time of extreme distractions.

  1. Consider Goddess’s perception of time.

Imagine this. When Goddess looks on us, She does not merely see us in this moment or even in this one lifetime. The Goddess has a perception of our essence which continues from incarnation to the next incarnation. Imagine that you could pause and step outside a current pain or difficulty at this moment in your life.

What if you could extend your perception to the level of the Goddess’s view? Imagine that the Goddess (and the God) view your whole lifetime as a process, or even as a classroom, where you’re growing and becoming deeper as a spiritual being.

As human beings, we see time as linear. We think of birth to death.

Instead, the Goddess and the God see all of time. They see infinite realities.

This is the reason They are good at guiding us. They know where we need to go.

With Their guidance and our own spellwork, we can rise in our spiritual journey.

This incarnation is like a river that feeds into an ocean. Our journey across time is like the vastness of an ocean. An ocean has many currents. Invite the Goddess and God to support you and guide on your ocean journey through time.

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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