How Witches Gain Strength and Rise Above Being Triggered

What triggers you? Is it people being chronically late? Or if someone cuts you off in traffic?

How frustrating. Such actions may trigger anger in us. We, witches, can transform our experience to something healthy and empowering.

Here are three insights.

  1. Identify the trigger

Think about what sets you off. Identifying the trigger is the first step to rising above it. You can’t deal with what you don’t know. I have an acquaintance, Robert, who says that his sister never listens to him. She replies to just about anything he says with “You just suck it up.” That’s her go-to phrase.

Robert says, “She gives me no space to feel sad if I’m talking with her.”

He continues, “Her damn catchphrase ‘You just suck it up’ really triggers me.’”

What is the trigger really about? Is it about having no support from his sister?

Could it also be about having no one else in his life to turn to?

Only Robert can uncover what the trigger is truly about. He might decide to talk with a counselor or spiritual elder about the situation.

  1. Transform the trigger

To transform a trigger, you may need to open your horizon to new thoughts and perceptions. For example, one man made an enlightened decision. After a difficult divorce, he changed the caller ID for his ex-wife on his smartphone. Before, each time he saw her name pop up on his smartphone, he felt a stab of pain in his gut. After he changed the caller ID to “Pray for her,” he had a different experience.

In essence, he literally changed the trigger—from ex-wife’s name to “Pray for her.” Now his response was compassion.

How could you change something so a trigger is replaced in your life?

  1. Invite the God and the Goddess to fill your life with positive energy so you have more peace.

You’ve probably noticed that certain triggers can drain your energy. Consider asking the God and the Goddess for help in making a shift in your perceptions.  Remember, the Gods’ love is the true source of your strength.

With the Goddess’s love and the God’s protective energy, you can discover new sources of kindness and loving energy in your life. You can begin new friendships. You can add some ritual or meditative practice to give you more support.

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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