How Witches Stop Anxiety from Draining Their Energy By Rising to Goddess’s Wavelength

“For once my anxiety stopped,” I said.

“Really! How?” my friend, Regina, asked.

“It was during a meditation session. I felt the presence of the Goddess and the God.”

“Did They say anything?”

“No,” I replied. “It was just a feeling. A feeling of being at peace and of coming home.”

I have three insights for you about stopping anxiety and rising to the Goddess’s Wavelength

  1. Slow down your breathing.

I’ve learned that your mind, body, and spirit are part of letting go of anxiety. Witches know that everything is connected. It’s like a glistening spider web in the morning. Every strand is essential. We are essential—and the wind, plants, animals—the whole natural world—is connected.

Realize your body is your temple. Witches call your body a temple because some traditions invite the Goddess into their own body. Here we’ll talk about your choice to adjust your breathing. Try it now. Breathe in slowly for two counts. Then breathe out slowly for two counts.

Individuals who do this breathing for 5 rounds find that relaxation appears in their body.

My friend, Alfonso, also adds this pattern before he goes to sleep. He relaxes his body by focusing on certain parts. He relaxes, in this order, his face, his left arm, his right arm, his left leg and foot, and then his right leg and foot. He finds this process to be helpful.

  1. Use your mind and choose deescalating words.

Have you ever got caught in a certain train of thought when you’re trying to fall asleep? At times in my life, I found myself ruminating about not being smart enough or that I can’t do anything right. 

I’ve learned that it helps to pick a mantra (set of words) to focus one’s mind. I pick deescalating words like “Just breathe” or “Goddess, give me peace.”

I find that this pattern helps me cool down.

  1. Tune into the Goddess’s Wavelength

“For My love is poured on the earth.” – the Goddess speaking, in the writings of Doreen Valiente

What’s is the Goddess’s Wavelength? It’s the energy of nurture, kindness, and love.

My friend, Alfonso, adds this pattern to his nightly process to fall asleep. As he breathes in slowly, he recites in his mind “Goddess.” As he breathes out, he says in his mind, “Thank you.” Alfonso says that this process takes him out of the level of thought where his anxiety resides. Alfonso, by speaking the name of Goddess, lifts himself to Her Wavelength.

How does this sound to you?

May these insights support your journey.

Blessed Be,

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