How Witches Deal with When Words Fail Them

“It was a bad one,” my friend, Sue, said, referring to an argument with her husband.

“I’m not sure how we’re coming back from this one,” Sue continued.

We had an extended conversation about how to deal with the times when words do not help a situation.

Here are three insights.

  1. Hear the other person out.

Hearing the other person out involves certain actions that help create trust and understanding.

I’ve learned to do these actions.

         A. Repeat what you heard as being what the person said.

I’ll say something like, “So, [talking to you first] is most important to you. Did I get it?” This helps my friend or family member know that I’m truly listening. This may help them calm down

          B. Ground your energy.

When my sweetie and I get into a tough conversation, we sit on the floor to keep us grounded.

As a witch, I realize that keeping grounded helps the conversation stay healthy. This helps you avoid negative escalation.

          C. If appropriate, express how you plan to make things better.

Many people want to know that their partner wants to make the future better. Saying something like, “Next time, I’ll talk with you about details before making a large-ticket purchase” can help. Having a plan can support your relationship.

  1. Do a kind action.

One time, my sweetie and I were in a tough conversation. Words were not helping. I got up and went over to him and gave him a hug. This quieted down the intense feelings.

  1. Hold hands and invite the Goddess in

This is an action of inviting the Goddess to support you and your loved one in the time of need.

A Prayer to the Goddess

We ask for Your support
Guide us to a resolution
Show us a solution
That we may not see
Help us feel our bond
For now and beyond.
So Mote It Be.

May these insights support your journey,

Blessed Be,

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