How Witches Safely Navigate Love Spells

“What is a love spell?” Jennifer, an acquaintance, asked.

“A love spell is a magickal process that draws love to someone, usually the caster of the spell,” I replied.

“What should you consider before casting a love spell?”

Because this is important and has serious consequences, Jennifer and I had a long conversation about love spells and such details.


  1. Why are you doing a love spell?

Are you serious about attracting your true love? Or are you just looking for a fling with someone? Love spells need to be taken seriously. You are making a real effect in the world. Witches pay attention to The Three Times Law. What you do will bounce back on you with three times the force. If you break someone’s heart or use a love spell to manipulate another person, you will create chaos in your own life.

  1. Who is the love spell going to affect?

If you are doing a spell on a particular person, STOP! This is not ethical. People have free will, and messing with that is definitely harmful. If you do something unethical, you harm yourself and your own karma. More than that, doing a spell on someone creates a karmic link between both of you. Making such a link can be like playing with fire. People get burned!

  1. How long is the love spell going to last?

All your spells really need an expiration date. A love spell needs such an expiration date, too.

  1. The Most Important Consideration: Create a Love Spell that Affects Yourself.

The way to do an ethical love spell is to do such a spell to yourself. You cast the love spell to draw love toward you. You make yourself more attractive to receiving love from appropriate sources.

Here is an example of wording you can use:

By the Lovely Lady of the moon
Make my True Love appear real soon
I send my wishes far and wide
Bring real love to my side
May I see this in one month’s time.
So Mote It Be.

* If you use a candle with this prayer to attract an appropriate permanent partner, use a red candle.

  1. Do a love spell on a waxing moon or full moon.

The timing of your spellcasting is crucial. To cast a love spell, do it on a waxing moon or full moon. You focus your magickal energy during a time of increase.

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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