How Witches Free Themselves from Darkness and Loneliness

How do you handle when someone unfairly criticizes you based on garbage information they’ve heard about witches?

We know that many people buy into terrible, false ideas about who we are and what is important to us.

Sometimes, it feels easy to fall into a space of darkness and loneliness.

To be misunderstood and to be reviled is a terrible path to walk.

However, I’ve learned that it is possible to make a conscious choice to rise up from a path of darkness.

As I deal with depression symptoms, I have found it necessary to shift my thoughts and to connect with the Gods.

Here are three insights.

1. Learn to give of yourself.

Imagine that there is some way you can give a bit.

Who do you care about and how can you give a bit of something? You could give a listening ear, a small donation to a charity or a smile.

Giving something small helps you feel a bit more in control of your life. You start to shift your thoughts. You have an experience that you have something to offer others. This even enhances your self-confidence.

I’m not talking about theories. I know that if I take action and call a friend—and help her laugh during our conversation—I feel better.

Learning to give is a good way to feel happier about yourself and the world around you.

Recently, a friend was getting ready for a job interview. She had a couple of friends who helped her rehearse (just for 10 minutes each). The amazing thing is both my friend and her friends felt better.

Together, they created some moments of happiness.

The idea is that there’s something in us which needs meaning or purpose. And so, when you’re helping or giving in some way, you are living in that space of meaning and purpose.

Having purpose gives you hope, not only for yourself but for others, too

2. Learn to receive more.

I’ve also noticed that receiving is part of our relationship with the God and Goddess. They give to us, and we receive. We give offerings, and They receive.

Maybe you need to create a new pattern. If someone compliments you, do you shrug it off?

Instead, put in a new habit. Smile and say something like: “Thank you. How nice of you to notice that. I appreciate it.”

Or simply say, “Thank you.”

This creates a flow of abundance. You become a “good receiver.” The universe gives you more good to receive.

3. Give like the Goddess and God.

Now that we are giving and receiving, you may like to give like the Goddess and God.

How’s that?

Give freely with love and kindness.

To give freely is to let go of thinking about the other person reciprocating.

Love, kindness, and compassion. Giving in a small way creates this wonderful energy.

As you give to another person, you can say to yourself, “Lord and Lady, I celebrate all You give to me, and I give to this person here.”

Helping others and not expecting anything back creates a form of offering to the God and Goddess.

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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