How Witches Calm Themselves in Turbulent Times

“Two times this week, I woke up with my heart racing,” my friend, Amanda, said.

We had a thoughtful conversation. Amanda shared with me her process of deep breathing and placing her hand on her heart.

I was impressed with how she could help herself calm down.

Here are three insights.

  1. Avoid “observe the breath” in favor of “being with your breath.”

Many meditation instructors suggest that one “observe the breath.” That places you outside of the process.

Observing the breath can get you stuck in your rational mind. You become separate from your breath. You can become a critic of your own breathing. You may think it is not slow enough or that your heart rate is not coming down fast enough.

Instead, be gentle. Shift to the idea of being with your breath. Now, you are one with your breath. Be with your breath as you deeply inhale. Stay with your breath as you extend your exhalation. Gently. Incrementally. Do not push. Allow the shift.

  1. Hold a safe space for whatever feeling you’re experiencing.

The idea of being with your breath is not about suppressing a negative emotion. The good news is by gently shifting how you breathe and focus on a positive idea, you can make a shift. Placing her hand over her heart, Amanda uses the idea of I am safe, and Goddess loves me.

Amanda repeats this affirmation while she does deep breathing—as many times as is necessary. She doesn’t push herself. She allows the shift in experience to happen naturally.

  1. Experience a Candle Lighting and Breathing Ritual.

As you safely do a candle lighting ritual, consider using this chant. Breathe slowly and deeply.

Candle Lighting and Deep Breathing Chant

In your mind, repeat these words with each breathing cycle.

(breathe in) Goddess surrounds me.
(breathe out) With all Her Love.
(breathe in) The God protects me.
(breathe out) I am safe.
So Mote It Be.

You can repeat the above chant as many times as you find helpful.

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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