How Witches Experience “Being”

“Are you okay?” I asked my friend, Steve.

He didn’t say anything. He kept moving fast around his small apartment kitchen. He had recently returned from work, and he was still in a frantic, rush-rush mode.

Watching him suffer, I thought about how we, witches, need to shift gears and return to the experience of being.

Here are three insights.

  1. Focus on your breathing.

An essential way to connect with the present moment is to focus on your breathing. When stressed, people tend to hold their breath. This doesn’t help.

Notice the breath coming in through your nostrils, filling up your diaphragm, and then exhaling through your mouth. You can slow down your breathing and relieve some tension. This form of breathing helps you experience being

  1. Be grateful.

Focusing on something that you’re grateful for is a present moment experience.

Two things take you out of the present moment: Worrying about the future or feeling regret about the past.

Experience the present moment and say a prayer of gratitude to the Gods. This can bring you back into the space of deep appreciation and gratitude for all the support you receive from Them.

If you get stuck in consuming social media, you may be overwhelmed with feelings of lack about things you don’t have. However, when you are in a prayer of gratitude, you can step back from all that noise.

  1. Meet the Gods in the present moment.

Here is a simple ritual. Prepare to relax in a chair with a nice glass of wine or juice. Once you’re settled, in your mind, have a conversation with the Gods. You can tell Them how you feel. Then you can make an offering by pouring some of the juice or wine into an offering bowl. While you do this, share with Them what you’re grateful for.

Here is an example of a short prayer for such an occasion.

Lord and Lady,
I deeply appreciate all that You’ve given me.
Help me stay present in this moment of love.
I’m grateful for the divinity You placed within me
and how this journey shows me how to be free.
So mote it be.

May these insights support you.

Blessed Be,

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