How Witches Discover Better than New Year’s Resolutions

“That’s it! I’m done with New Year’s Resolutions. They just give me stress, and they don’t give me anything good,” my friend, Audrey, said.

I reflected on the contradictions and problems that arise with New Year’s Resolutions.

Here are three insights.

  1. Find the theme of your New Year.

Instead of having a New Year’s Resolution, try having a New Year’s Theme. What’s the usual pattern for a New Year’s Resolution? You want something, perhaps, to lose weight. You tell yourself that you’re going to do a specific difficult action repeatedly until you get what you want. You have probably seen how New Year’s Resolutions tend to be broken.

But a new theme for the year is something different. It is a particular direction for the upcoming year. That means that it doesn’t need to be perfect. You can still be you and start a theme of where you want to go in your year. A theme can be something like demonstrate more kindness or take new steps to support a long-term dream. When you take any small action in the direction of your theme, you are succeeding.

  1. Observe how things blossom.

New Year’s Resolutions tend to be about doing something that is hard and gritting your teeth to keep going. On the other hand, a theme can be soft. The theme can lead to more possibilities for you to blossom into something different.

You can sit in meditation and observe how your life blossoms around you. You may discover new opportunities or new friends.

For example, I have a friend who got a new job. It requires him to move to another state. At first, he was hesitant, but he knows the God and Goddess have plans for him and his new chapter of life.

  1. Realize the God and Goddess’s overall plan for your journey.

The God and God have placed divinity within you. How does each one of us, as an individual, fulfill the potential of such divinity? Since the Gods have an overview of how you can grow as a spirit, They understand you may need to go through difficult times which you would not choose to endure.

If you find yourself in a tough time, you might consider it to be a transitional chapter of your life. Remember that the God and Goddess will guide you on your path.

I know that the Gods have a plan for me. Sometimes, I may not like certain details on the path set before me. Still, the Gods have a plan that supports the best for my learning.

May you use these insights to support your path.

Blessed Be,

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