How Witches Take Care of Their Heart

Are you taking care of your heart?

A friend, Steve, told me a story that touched my heart. Years ago, he taught summer day camp children. One boy had trouble with the project the other children were working on.

The boy, “Mike,” had a problem holding a pair of scissors.

Steve thought that maybe the boy had mobility issues.

But then it dawned on him, and he looked for a left-handed pair of scissors.

Mike’s eyes lit up. He could use the left-handed scissors well.

This story reminds me that we may be failing to support ourselves.

We are not broken. We may miss what we need to do well in our lives.

Here are three insights.

  1. Look for your personal way of moving in the world.

As an individual, do you feel you’re out of step with others? For example, being dyslexic, I have my own way of seeing and moving in the world. I am more motivated by images than text. I am very visual and see the world in a way that others do not.

How do you experience and move through your world?

  1. Ask yourself, “Am I supporting myself in a unique and personal way?”

As witches, we have unique ways of doing things. We do not follow the pack. But have you really looked at how you support yourself? Are you devoting time and energy to help yourself stay strong? For example, I knit and bake. Sometimes, I take a break from one or the other. It’s about listening to myself. Additionally, I support myself with prayer and talking to the God and the Goddess.

  1. Ask the Goddess for insight on how to support yourself in a personal way.

Meditation is a great way to talk with the God and Goddess. You can go into a meditation and ask these questions to the Gods:

  1. What is the most helpful way to support myself?
  2. How can I be kinder to myself?
  3. How can I grow?

May these insights support your heart as you travel your path.

Blessed Be,

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