How Witches Elevate Their Personal Strength with Awareness and Leverage

Lisa was shocked about being out of breath from simply climbing up the stairs in her home. That day something clicked. She made a decision then that she had to do something to improve her health and fitness. Lisa stepped forward into a new daily pattern. She focused on healthy snacks and consistently exercising.

“What made the difference?” I asked.

“I guess I simply made a decision,” Lisa said.

  1. Make a decision now.

Researchers notice that people tend to only change when they are in pain or desperation. Lisa’s shock and upset about being out of breath while climbing stairs served as a turning point for her.

Is there something that you need to decide? Think about what you want. Perhaps, more importantly think about what pain you want to cease. Find your path and make a decision now.

  1. Identify how you can use leverage.

In a science class I learned that one can use a lever. Depending on where you put the fulcrum, you could use a little bit of effort to lift a heavy load. Using the lever and fulcrum illustrates leverage.

This example taught me about the value of both awareness and strength. My example demonstrates employing the awareness of a scientific principle. Leverage applies to daily life, too. You could leverage the use of your time. For example, every day I go on a walk with my sweetheart. We are doing three things at the same time. We give ourselves a time for refreshing our perspective. We get out of the house and enjoy the sky and trees. We enhance our relationship with this positive together-time. Plus, we are exercising.

We experience three benefits for one activity. Now that’s leverage. It develops strength in us. We strengthen our relationship. We strengthen our mental wellbeing, and we strengthen our bodies.

  1. Realize your spiritual beliefs can leverage your personal growth and spiritual renewal.

Your personal beliefs, as a witch, create your personal growth. We, witches, use magick and the love of the Gods to help us grow spiritually, mentally and more.

When I first started with the Craft, I was a shell of the person I am today. I am stronger and more focused on creating change in my life. Before the Craft, I just drifted in my own misery. But once I found the Gods, my bud bloomed into the rose that I am today.

Because of the God and Goddess, I have stronger boundaries because I value myself more than I did before experiencing the Craft.

How has your experience in the Craft strengthened you?

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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