How Witches Elevate a Ritual for More Power

Casting Circle
Casting Circle

“How did everyone in your coven know to point their athame in one direction all at the same time?” my friend, Samuel, asked.

“It’s a motion that we’ve practiced many times,” I replied.

When you want to elevate the power of your ritual, it’s necessary to rehearse the various elements for maximum effectiveness.

Here are three insights.

  1. Select the right words.

Witches know that words have intrinsic power. To many of us the word love means something deep and essential. If you use the wrong words in a ritual, you can weaken the result. More than that, you could actually create the opposite of what you desire.

For example, Sara did a money spell. She asked for $8,000 to come to her for the vacation of her dreams. She made a mistake. She failed to be specific and also to put in “protection clauses” into the words she used.

The next day she was in a car accident. She suffered significant pain and trouble. Eventually, she gained $8,000 dollars from the settlement. But she said the ordeal was not worth it.

It would have been better if Sara had been careful with her words. An example of a “protection clause” is: “An it harm none.”

  1. Select the right motions.

As witches, we understand how to make a Circle. Many of us use our athames and focus. We draw the circle of power around a particular space. We focus the energy through the athame and create the sacred boundary between the worlds. We say certain words and do certain actions to succeed in this.

However, if you don’t follow the steps correctly the Circle will not be cast properly. Then it will fail in its job of protecting you.

So, the right actions are truly important. Be sure to do the proper steps and in the proper order.

  1. Work in harmony with the God and Goddess.

The Gods placed divinity within you. It’s natural for you to harmonize with the divinity of the Gods. However, when you see a band, or an orchestra, become out of tune, harmony is destroyed. With the wrong words and the wrong motions, you’re destroying the harmony with the God and Goddess.

It’s essential that you take great care in selecting the words and the motions. People who are not witches think that magick is supernatural. But we know magick is natural. However, there are people who like to “wing it,” that is, they just improvise without having a solid plan. This can yield unwanted results.

It is understandable that an improvised ritual may have power. Still, we’re talking about taking great care with your ritual. Think of how some of the best music in the world has a wonderful structure. When the composer was working on that music, they took the principles of composing and used great care to create something of surprising beauty and harmony.

Just imagine if you took such care with your rituals.

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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