How Witches Know Their Path is Right for Them

“Why did you become a witch?” my friend, Adriana, asked.

“How much time do you have?” I replied, smiling.

Later, I realized that it is helpful for us, witches, to have clarity about our spiritual path.

Here are three parts of my journey to becoming a witch. Perhaps, you’ll find that you relate to portions of my journey.

  1. You know the Earth is sacred.

As a little girl, I felt the sacredness of the Earth. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was feeling the energies of the different elements. The wind sang my name, and the trees caressed me with their shade. 

I played in the woods all day and talked to the animals. I even did offerings to nature.

I didn’t know that what I did was “spirituality.” I felt wild and close to the Earth. Later, I gained spiritual elders who expanded my understanding.

  1. You want to have more control in your life.

As I grew older, the world of school and the suburb supplanted my young days of natural spirituality.

Without regular time in nature, depression symptoms engulfed me. I needed a ladder to climb out of the darkness that consumed me. Wicca was that ladder. Wicca gave me a way to channel my will to help change my life for the better.

It helped me climb out of the darkness and see the light I so longed for.

I learned magick and began guiding myself like in a canoe on the water. I began to flow with life, not fight it.

  1. You want to know the Gods on a personal level.

At 17, I had an experience that illuminated my spirit. In a meditation session, I met the God and the Goddess. They were full of love and compassion. They had the strength that I needed in my life.

The God and Goddess guided me to do better, to expand to my fullest potential.

I wanted, no, needed, to know Their love and compassion.

Why? The mundane world was not enough. What I needed was the God and the Goddess.

The Gods provided for me. They gave me love and understanding. They guided me through challenging times.

They still lead me today.

I hope these insights help you on your path.

Blessed Be,

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