How Witches Make Sure to Improve in Witchcraft

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“When you were first starting as a solitary witch, how did you know you were getting any good at the Craft?” my friend, Alicia, asked.

“I didn’t” I replied.

Recently, I realized that sometimes we’re missing an important part of developing our Craft. It helps to develop what I call visible progress.

I have three insights for you.

  1. Start small and simple. Make it visible.

Years ago, when I was first learning to draw, I learned to illustrate the human face and head. I was taught to draw a horizontal curved line in the middle of an oval. That was where the eyes would go.

This was something simple for me to do. I could do it repeatedly and get better at it. I could see the results.

For several new witches, it seems that is hard to see visible progress. I suggest starting with something simple. For example, if you have a vague notion that you fail to do ritual often during a month, get a calendar. Log how many times you do ritual during the month.

I often suggest a Candle Lighting Ritual. It doesn’t take much time, and you can be truly specific. For example, a student, who is also a witch, lights a candle asking for Goddess’s support for her to do well on a math exam. The important thing is the student has the candle safely burn next to her while she studies for the exam.

  1. Choose rituals that fit into your daily life.

A number of witches find that having a ritual bath fits into their life because they’re going to bathe, anyway. The process begins with taking a regular bath to cleanse the body of the day’s dirt and grime. Let the soiled water drain from the tub. Rinse out the tub and put in fresh, warm water. Then place a sachet of herbs to soak in the water. While you’re letting your herbs steep, add some sea salt to your bath. After all the ingredients have brewed up into a nice herbal bath, step in, recline, and relax. Make sure that you pour the water over your head and neck. Ensure that you cleanse yourself completely from head to toe. After you’ve soaked in this bath for at least 30 minutes, dry yourself off with a freshly laundered towel. Put on clean clothes.

  1. Record your progress in your Book of Shadows (BOS).

The essential element of making your progress in the Craft visible is recording every step forward in your BOS. Several new witches make the mistake of guessing and having a vague notion of their progress. Release yourself from being vague about your progress. Meticulously write down what you do each week to support your spiritual growth. You can start your entry with a dedication to the God and Goddess. They are always on your side. They celebrate your progress.

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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2 thoughts on “How Witches Make Sure to Improve in Witchcraft

  1. I’m 100 percent of a spiritual mindset and connected to The Divine. I’ve been practicing Witchcraft since 1996 and lead a blessed life. I’ve made all my dreams come true, getting my books in Barnes & Noble, marrying the love of my life, and being very healthy at my age. Though I don’t identify as a “witch” – I prefer to just say I lead a magical life – I DO work the magic! 🙂

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