How Witches Strengthen Themselves for the Tough Parts of Being Wiccan

“That really hurt,” Anna, a friend, said.

I listened, concerned for her.

“You know, Susan…” she said, mentioning someone we both knew.

“She dropped me as a friend,” Anna said, the pain and surprise in her voice.

Why did Susan drop Anna? Because of Susan’s prejudice and mistaken beliefs about Wiccans. But would Susan listen to Anna or me about the truth of the Wiccan faith? No.

If you’re new to Wicca or if you want to strengthen yourself as long-time Wiccan—here are three insights for you.

  1. Prepare to lose friends. So, actively build your circle of friends.

As sad as it is, many people still misunderstand Wicca. Certain individuals mistakenly think that Wiccans have something to do with the “devil referred to by Christians.” Wiccans whom I know do not believe in the devil.

Certain individuals have a prejudice against any spiritual path in which the spiritual person relates to more than one God.

Once people know you are a Wiccan, some may shun you.

I have lost several friends because of my spiritual path. This still hurts my heart.

Over the years, I have reached out to others in friendship and added to my circle.

It’s important to continue to expand your circle, especially as the years go by and some of our friends die or simply drift away.

Actively build your circle of friends. It’s essential.

  1. Look on your spiritual path as ever present.

I remember hearing someone say, “Oh, Sam. He’s a Sunday morning religious person.”

On the other hand, being a Wiccan witch is something we do 24-7. We eat, sleep, and walk our faith. Many of us meditate daily and do ritual multiple times a week. Many of us pray daily and light candles to express appreciation for the God and Goddess. We act in kind ways and focus on “An it harm none.”

  1. Prepare for certain Wiccans who tell you there is one right way.

Many of us were drawn to Wicca, particularly as solitary witches, because we can be independent and chart are own path.

However, several Wiccans prefer their specific Tradition. Each Tradition has as specific set of Gods and ways of doing things.

Some people will express that their Tradition is the “correct Tradition.”

My own journey does not hold to that idea. While my own journey has included training in the ways of the Gardnerian Tradition, I do not find other Traditions to be “less than.”

We can look on spirituality as a large mountain. Many paths flow up that mountain. We all walk different paths. Sometimes we walk alone. Other times, we travel with others. But in the end, all the paths lead to the same place on top of the mountain. To Spirit.

May these insights support your journey.

Blessed Be,

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2 thoughts on “How Witches Strengthen Themselves for the Tough Parts of Being Wiccan

  1. I have an extremely small group of friends. My BFF is Christian but she’s known me for over 30 years. I “came out of the broom closet” a few years back (i.e., acknowledged it both to myself and those around me). Recently I asked her if my being a Witch made her uncomfortable. She said “No”. Like the Universe, she and all my close friends KNOW my heart. Everyone else can stick it.

    Your third point is spot on.

    In her book “Witch” Lisa Lister tears apart such nonsense. She cites The Creatrix, The Oracle, The Healer, and The Sorceress as archetypes that influence Witches (I’m sure there are many more, too). An individual may identify with any number of them. I identify with The Sorceress. I’m a Dark Witch, to be sure. But as Lisa points out Dark does not mean Evil or the Black Arts. I’m just not all rainbows and unicorns. Some witches have derided me for that. I ignore them and, once again, follow my own path because the Mother Goddess knows my heart and intentions.

    Blessed Be, Moonwater.

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