How Witches Handle the Impossible Situation

“It’s impossible. I can’t make the deadline to sort through 15 years of stuff and get my possessions out of my old apartment in time,” Arianna told me.

Our conversation brought up several thoughts.

Here are three insights.

  1. Reach out to the Gods through Prayer

It helps to ask the Gods for guidance as to whether a situation is truly impossible or just seems that way as a first impression.

Here is a prayer:

Lord and Lady,
I ask for Your guidance.
Give me Your sacred sight
to see the hidden truth in this situation.
Let the mists clear and the answer be revealed to my eyes. 
So Mote It Be.

  1. Consider using a Pendulum to discover an answer.

Here is a version of the setup for using a pendulum.

As a simple tool, the pendulum can help you with yes or no questions.

Draw a vertical line and horizontal line crossing each other. Be sure that each arm of this “cross” is equal in length. Write “yes” at both ends of the vertical line. Write “no” on both ends of the horizontal line.

Place the chain of the pendulum so it dangles from the middle finger of your dominant hand.

Now form your question to have a yes or no answer.

Concentrate on your question. For example, you can ask, “Is this really an impossible situation?”

Watch to see how the pendulum moves and reveals your answer.

  1. Consider working with The Tarot.

In this conversation, we’ll start with the simple “one card spread.”

Start by shuffling your Tarot cards. Then do the “cut the cards” step.

Ask your question and place one card down. You’ll notice that the card is orientated upright or inverted.

An upright card will indicate a positive or yes response.

An inverted card will give you a negative or no response.

In time, you can become familiar with complicated spreads of Tarot cards.

Special Note: When you use a pendulum or Tarot deck, the answer you get is only for this one moment in time. It is possible that you’ll think a new thought or do a new action that will change the outcome.

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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