How Witches Focus on Fire for Transformation for a Better Life

“Why does transformation have to suck?” my friend, Barry, said.

“How’s that?” I asked.

“I just lost a friend. I have to move. And I’m getting the feeling that I’m going to have to change.”

“That sounds like a lot to handle,” I said.

This conversation got me thinking about how the Element of Fire is about transformation.

One of my spiritual elders said, “Transformation, represented by Fire, can warm you up, and it also burns you.”

“How?” I asked.

“The burning is often about grief and mourning. In a transformation, you must let go of ‘the past you’ and even what you hoped the future was going to be. You feel ‘burned’ because you’re forced to let go of what’s important to you.” he said.

Here are three insights:

  1. Imagine Transformation is calling you to go toward something valuable.

The Gods guide us in many ways. Sometimes, the road feels painful to tread at first. Fire will burn away all that is no longer needed. What will be left? Something valuable in your new chapter of life.

Yes, the loss of parts of your previous life hurts. However, such loss opens a path for you. Will you take the new path? The Gods beckon you forward. It is your choice to step forth where They guide you.

  1. Consider Transformation calls you to let go of certain things.

As you walk the new path, you may not be able to take some of your cherished things with you. You must let go to continue forward. You might feel devastated. Or exhausted by all the loss and change.

For example, Susan moved to a smaller apartment. She had no way to hold onto all her possessions. She cried as she bid goodbye to many of her beloved possessions. Eventually, she felt better in her new apartment and new location. “It was just stuff,” she told me. “I’m doing better now.”

  1. Imagine seeing the transformation situation with the eyes of the Goddess.

The Gods like to see you grow. When They set an uplifting path for you, They enjoy watching you fulfill your destiny.

The Element of Fire is connected to energy, passion, and assertiveness. Assertiveness is about asking for what you want, and it is not aggressiveness. See a real difference between standing for yourself versus stepping on someone else.

The Goddess sees all. She knows that you’ll need to step forward and act assertively for your new and better chapter of life.

The Goddess, as a mother, also knows what will support her children to grow. Imagine a mother watching her child taking her first tentative steps. The toddler falls many times. Still, the Goddess (mother) is elated when Her child finally stands and walks for the first time. The Goddess stands with you and cheers for your steps into your new and better chapter of life.

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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