How Witches Focus on the Element of Air to Create Abundance and New Energy in Life

“I like the Element of Air. I like thinking. Isn’t the Element of Air also connected to ‘inspiration’?” my friend, Kathryn, asked.

“One of my spiritual elders mentioned that the Greeks considered the God Apollo to be connected to knowledge, poetry, and more. One meaning of ‘inspire’ is ‘to inhale,’” I replied.

Air is connected to intellect and thoughts.

Recently, I reflected on how we can open good pathways of thinking.

Here are three insights:

1. Notice if you have stuck points in your thinking.

Have you become stuck in a thinking pattern? Have you been ruminating about something?

Recently, a friend, Amy, was fretting about her job interviews. Her friend, Stefano, said, “The right opportunity is yours—on the spiritual level. It may look like the hiring manager has the power. Still, the right opportunity is yours.”

Stefano’s comment helped Amy break free of her fearful pattern of thinking.

Amy does not need to stay in fear of making a mistake in a job interview. Stefano assures her that the Gods want her to have the right job opportunity. Better than that, the right job opportunity is already for her.

The Gods want us to use our intellect wisely. Learning to get free of a rigid thinking pattern can help a lot.

2. Ask about a “Third Alternative.”

Many times, we can get stuck if we’re thinking in a “this or that” way. It’s called dualistic thinking.

It’s about…

  • Yes or no
  • Light or dark
  • Stay or go

Instead, ask yourself, “Is there a Third Alternative?” The element of Air can help you find that alternative.

Let’s continue with Amy’s situation. Stuck in fear, she might feel that one particular job is “perfect” for her. Now she has more fear that she might stumble in the job interview.

The Third Alternative is to rehearse with friends for job interviews for three possible jobs.

She chooses the Third Alternative to “hold lightly” her desire for any particular job.

The next step for Amy is to talk to the Gods and invite the wisdom of Air to be available to her.

3. Ask the God and Goddess to guide your thinking to the Third Alternative.

The day comes, and Amy meditates with the Element of Air. She asks the God and Goddess to guide her in her interview.

Amy goes to the interview with confidence that she will get the job she wants. She does great during the job interview.

But a week later, she learns that she didn’t get the job. Now, she feels devastated because she thought the Gods were on her side.

She asks the Goddess, “Where is the Third Alternative?”

In a meditation session, she receives the message, “Wait and hope.”

Soon after, Amy learns that the manager wants her for a different job in the same company. Amy feels elated.

She experiences the Third Alternative: A different position at the same company.

How might you slow down and connect with the Gods about a Third Alternative? Will you do a ritual or a meditation session?

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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