How Witches Rise from Ashes to New Heights

Judgment from the Robin Wood Tarot

“It’s been a one-two punch. First the breakup and now the layoff. I’m hit bad,” Jinny, a friend, said.

It’s hard to carry on when life hits us with multiple blows. At certain times, I turn to the Tarot. I like to think of the Phoenix when I get a certain Tarot card called “Judgment.”

I realize that “Judgment” may sound harsh. Fortunately, when I view that card, I think about transformation.

Soon after talking with Jinny, I had a conversation with a spiritual elder. This elder shared an idea that people tend to take a journey beginning from powerless to empowered … and then with careful attention … to enlightened.

Here are three insights.

  1. See if you’re being called to rise from “empowered” to “enlightened.”

How are things going for you? Do you feel pushed around? Did something happen that knocked you down?

Or perhaps, things are going better. You’ve developed new skills, and you are empowered. You may feel that you have acted like a Phoenix who rose from the ashes.

I’ve noticed that life is a series of chapters. Surprisingly, it can feel heavy to be “empowered.” You may feel that you’re weighed down by all of the responsibilities that require your efforts, skills, and empowerment.

Fortunately, you can make a transition to something that gives you some freedom. You can transition to enlightened.

  1. Tune into the “lighten” part of enlightened.

What is enlightened? Part of it is to reach beyond your “small self,” which some people call “the ego.”

You have a Spiritual Self that is one with the Gods.

That’s how you get to “enlightened.” Your divine self and the Gods are bigger, stronger, and wiser than your ego.

How do you access your Spiritual Self? Through meditation sessions, rituals, and prayers.

So, talk with the Gods. They know your burdens and your struggles to be empowered.

  1. Invite the Goddess to help you lighten up your journey.

Here is a prayer so you can invite the Goddess to lighten your load.

Prayer for Lightening the Load

Goddess of the Stars
Lighten up my scars
Let me be unburdened now,
Gracious Goddess show me how.
Sun and moon lighten my journey,
Release my load in a hurry.
So Mote It Be.

May these insights support your journey.

Blessed Be,

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