How Witches Invoke a Spell for Healing

“It’s not fair. This daily pain is draining my energy. And with all this pressure, I need more energy—not less!” my friend, Andrea, said.

“I hear you. Pain can be truly draining,” I said.

Later in a conversation with one of my spiritual elders, I realized that healing and pain have several layers.

  1. Hear the message of the pain

If your pain could talk with you, what would it say? What might it teach you?

Sometimes, pain shows up and says, “Slow down” or “Pay attention.” Or “Now is not the time.”

Often, pain carries a message for us to pay attention to something specific. Consider meditating and “asking the pain” what you need to know. It could be as simple as “Stop lifting heavy boxes.” It could be saying, “Your current job isn’t good for you.”

Pay attention to the intuitive thoughts and feelings you encounter.

  1. Make space to adjust your daily routine to accommodate your pain.

When I am suffering from pain, I know I need more sleep. It’s time for me to pay attention to how much and what I eat.

Most of all, I need to slow down.

I invite you to realize that it’s okay to take time for yourself. We all need it.

How can you devote time to taking good care of yourself?

  1. Invite healing and the Goddess’ support.

Another important step is to invite the Goddess in for healing and support. The God and Goddess are always here for you. They desire to be part of your life. They want to support you to manifest your best self.

The God and Goddess stand by us all our lives. Even through the tough parts. Sometimes, the tough passages of life are necessary for us to learn certain insights.

Here is a candle spell for healing.

A Candle Healing Spell

Be sure to do this Candle Lighting Ritual on a waxing moon.

What you will need.

  • Your altar
  • A fireproof surface (perhaps, a plate) on top of your altar
  • Your tools (candles, pentagram, taper, athame, etc.)
  • Your written script of “words of power” (perhaps, a small prayer or rhyme talking about how you are now healed)
  • A script to cast your circle
  • One blue candle
  • Candleholder
  • Dressing oil (you can use plain olive oil if you do not have any)
  • Cakes and wine or juice for the ritual
  • A fireproof container
  • a photo of yourself

To cast the Candle Spell:

1) Cast your circle.

2) Flip your photo over to the blank side. Asperge (sprinkle with holy water) lightly on the back of the photo. Be careful with the photo so the image is not ruined.

Then cense the photo, that is, waft incense smoke around it.

3) Asperge the blue candle, and cense it.

4) Dress your candle

Dressing the candle is the process of putting your desire into the candle. Envision your desire for healing. Rub anointing oil (olive oil will suffice) on the candle. Spread the oil from the top of the candle to the bottom.

5) State the purpose then charge the candle.

You state the purpose of using the candle.

Lord and Lady, guide healing energy to me.

Send healing energy into the candle by holding it in your hands and drawing energy up through the earth, through you, and into the candle. The process of drawing energy up consists of visualizing energy (you might imagine energy strands) rising from the earth into your feet and so on.

6) Place your photo on the pentagram on your altar.

7) Place the candle in its holder on the photo. Use the taper to light the candle from the working candle.

8) Look at the flame of the candle while concentrating on your desire to heal yourself. Take your time with this step. This is a great moment to chant any words of power (if you have written some). Remember, these words of power could be a small prayer or rhyme talking about how you are now healed.

9) Keep focusing the energy into the flame of the candle and the photo under it. Focusing energy means that you continue concentrating on the flame. You focus your thoughts on the intention that you are healing.

10) Allow the candle to burn down completely. Warning: Be sure to place the burning candle in a fire-safe container (or, perhaps, in a cast-iron bathtub or sink). Make sure you do not burn the photo! Avoid leaving the burning candle unattended.

11) After the spell is finished, do the Cakes and Wine (or juice) ritual.

12) Close your circle.

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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