How Witches Use a “Spiritual First Aid Kit”

“I couldn’t believe it. No fully stocked first aid kit. They did have some isopropyl alcohol. I said to myself, ‘This is going to hurt.’ So, I poured the alcohol on my cut hand. Damn, it did hurt. That unstocked first aid kit had no Neosporin to avoid infection,” my friend, Abigail, said. She was complaining about her new workplace.

It’s important to have a properly stocked medical first aid kit. What about a spiritual first aid kit? Do you have one? Here are three insights…

  1. Create a travel kit—your Spiritual First Aid Kit.

You can put the elements of your Spiritual First Aid Kit into a small box or container for traveling. You can include healing crystals, an electric tea light candle, and a Tarot Deck (or another divinatory device). Perhaps, include a packet of your favorite tea, a small altar cloth, and an offering bowl.

  1. Carry supportive spiritual reading.

Carry words of wisdom in spiritual texts. You can use your favorite author’s books or poems.

  • Goddess Has Your Back by Moonwater SilverClaw
  • A Witches’ Bible: The Complete Witches’ Handbook Paperback–Illustrated by Stewart Farrar, Janet Farrar
  • A digital copy of your BOS (Book Of Shadows)

Include what you find nourishing for your soul.

  1. Carry a “Spiritual First Aid Prayer”

Perhaps, you’ll write your own prayer. That experience can be both soothing and inspiring.

You can use this spiritual prayer.

Spiritual First Aid Prayer

Gracious Lady and Glorious Lord,
Heal me and hold me for I am injured.
Help me shift my thoughts and energy.
Give me your energy to heal my mind and body.
You are my Source.
Sustain me in this difficult time.
Wrap me in your protection and healing light.
I deeply thank You.
So mote it be.

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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