How Witches Follow the Highest Advice from the Goddess

“My highest ideal would be to get more sleep,” my friend, Kiley, said.

We laughed about this. Still, I know she was using humor connected to a powerful quote…

“Keep pure your highest ideal; strive ever toward it; let naught stop you or turn you aside.” – Doreen Valiente, writing in the voice of the Goddess

I have three insights for you.

  1. Become aware of “your highest ideal.”

Do you know what your highest ideal is? What do you strive for? Is it to serve your community? Or is it simply about “Can I just be awake and on time for work on Mondays?”

Sometimes, it’s not obvious. We can struggle to find our meaning related to excellence. Your highest ideal is connected to excellence.

In another spiritual path, it is said that what is inside you can save you or destroy you. What I get from this is: If we don’t use our gifts, we might fall apart inside. That’s the idea of “destroy you.” You need to nurture your gifts and yourself.

What are your gifts?

  1. Take steps each week to support “your highest ideal.”

What does it mean to “keep pure your highest ideal?”

Imagine all the resistance you face when you simply want to be yourself and fulfill your life’s purpose as a witch. People just don’t understand our spiritual path.

As witches, we have a “highest ideal” for each one of us. It’s unique for each person. It is the one thing we are supposed to learn. We are meant to grow. You have a gift to share. By being your true self, you also help others on their paths. So how do you do this? With the Gods’ help.

Taking steps each week to support your highest ideal is about…

  • Identify your highest ideal.
  • Strengthen yourself with ritual, nutrition, sleep, and exercise.
  • Do actions that support your highest ideal.

For example, I write each week and create a podcast episode. These are steps that help me express my highest ideal of service to my readers and listeners.  

  1. Include the Gods in your journey for your highest ideal.

Completing your highest ideal can be quite a task. This is the reason I like to ask the God and Goddess for support. You can meditate and ask the Gods for Their help. You can say a prayer like this:

O Lovely Lady and Lord of the Fields,
May you guide me through my intuition.
Speak the sacred silent words of your wisdom into my mind.
Let me flow easily on my path like a rushing river to the sea.
Give me your strength O Lord to accomplish my highest ideal without hindrance.
Give me your wisdom O Lady to accomplish my highest ideal with grace.
May my path be free from useless difficulties.
As I so Will, So Mote It Be.

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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