How Witches Shift Out of a Defensive Posture

“I’m tired of people saying, ‘You’re too defensive,’” Ally, a friend, said.

She felt beat up by people at work. Ally also felt oppressed by the cruel comments and actions of certain people who are against witches.

“Of course, I’m defensive,” Ally said.

This echoed in my thoughts.

Here are three insights.

  1. Shift from “Defensive” to “Quiet Knowing”

Have you noticed that when you’re defensive, it seems that some negativity is attracted to you?

As witches, we hear a lot of negative things about our spirituality. It’s only natural that one may become defensive about our beliefs.

It helps to shift to “Quiet Knowing.” Start with your own heart. Know your own truth first.

Instead of arguing about something defensively, begin with your own heart. Have a quiet knowing and a quiet confidence.

From your quiet center, assess if the other person has any space to make a shift in their perceptions. You may discover that this is not a  “teaching moment” (a moment when the other person wants to learn).

Many times, in your Quiet Knowing, you realize it is time to let go of your desire to change the other person. You let the moment flow by like a leaf on a stream.

When the other person is not present to listen, let it go. You will be much happier and most of the negativity will flow right past you.

We, witches, remember to use a shield for negative energy. (For more about developing your shield click HERE)

Sometimes, you discover in your Quiet Knowing that it is important for you to speak up. My point is: Start from your Quiet Knowing and avoid staying in your ego. Your ego (which is made of fear) can get you into useless arguments.

From Quiet Knowing, you’ll direct your own steps on your better path.

  1. Let Go of Anger.

Have you heard someone bash your spiritual path as a witch? We know there are lies out there that cause pain. Have you felt angry about this?

Anger feeds pain. Painful thoughts and feelings.

Worse: Being defensive creates more negativity.

But what if they’re truly wrong? Pause. Are you dealing with someone who has any intention of learning?

If not, it helps to let it go. If it isn’t a teaching moment in which you could help them understand, let go of your anger. Just look at them as another misguided human being. Then, move on to better energy.

We, witches, do better in life when we avoid “walking around with a chip on your shoulder.”

Instead, go to your quiet center.

  1. Realize that the Goddess Knows Your Real Worth.

The God and Goddess know your true heart. They see you for you. They do not compare you with someone across the street.

You are so important to the Gods. As you learn every lesson, the Gods’ happiness grows.

Some days, it may feel like no one is listening. But The Gods are with you.

They do all They can to help you. If your life isn’t perfect, that does not mean that the Gods have abandoned you. They are by your side always.

Here is an example. Some years ago, I was in a car accident. It was bad enough. But it could have been worse. I feel that the Gods protected me from a worse outcome. Sure, I wish the car accident never happened. However, the car accident and other related details gave me a true learning experience.

When bad things happen, just remember, it could have been much worse if you didn’t have the Gods on your side.

When some people give you trouble and they try to belittle you, come back to the Gods. It may feel automatic or natural to become defensive. However, there is a better path. The Path of the Gods. The Gods put Their divinity in you. Ultimately, that divinity in you is strong and connected. On the essence level, your divinity cannot be “insulted” by some misguided human’s words.

Through prayer, ritual, and meditation, you have a direct experience of the Gods and your divinity.

Once again, realize that the Goddess knows your real worth.

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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