How Witches Create a Release from an Obsolete Picture of Themselves

“No, I’m still not good at the Craft,” my friend, Ally, said.

I felt sad that Ally just couldn’t see her progress.

Still, I understood how she was stuck. My own depression symptoms often keep me stuck in the mud of feeling inadequate.

Here are three insights.

  1. Let go of the previous picture of yourself.

When we come to the Craft, we shed our previous life like a snake sheds its skin. We become new.

 “Let the rain weep.
Waken in sunlight from the Realms of Sleep.”
– from Elegy for a Dead Witch by Doreen Valiente

 When we weep for a loved one who has died, on some level we know that they are a soul that continues.

Their body has died.

What wakens in the sunlight? Your True Self.

Ally has a picture of herself. It’s not true. It’s not even real. It is an Obsolete Picture of herself.

The Craft helps us awaken from the deep sleep of the Obsolete Picture of ourselves.

We learn to let go of the bricks that weigh us down.

  1. Experience a Ritual of Letting Go of an Obsolete Picture of you.

It’s best to do this ritual on the new moon.

What you will need:

  • A drawing or symbol on paper that you create (This is something that symbolizes an Obsolete Picture of yourself.)
  • A red string or yarn (natural fibers are best)
  • Boline
  • Cauldron or a safe container to burn things in.
  • Heat proof surface to place the cauldron on.
  • Smudge stick, white sage, or stick of incense
  • Rose quartz crystal
  • Ritual tools for casting circle
  • Cakes and wine

Set up your ritual space.

Cast circle in the usual manner.

Cleanse and consecrate your items by doing the following for each.

(Asperge the item with your holy water [See Casting Circle] and say:

I cleanse you of all negativities.

Next, waft the smoke of blessed incense [See Casting Circle] around your item and say:

I bless you for the good of all.

Pick up the rose quartz and say:

Little quartz crystal of mine,
You now represent me in all my love for my new life,
So mote it be.

Tie one end of the string around your drawing or symbol (on paper) which symbolizes an Obsolete Picture of yourself.

Tie the other end of the string to the rose quartz. Be sure to have nine inches between the objects.


This bond is strong but needed no more.
My Obsolete Picture of myself separates from my True Self.
Old life now separates from new life.

Cut the string between the object (something that symbolizes an Obsolete Picture of yourself) and the rose quartz crystal.


I am now free to move forward, and I am not hindered by obsolete images and actions.

Use the working candle [See Casting Circle] to ignite the drawing or symbol (on paper) and place it in your cauldron to burn completely to ash.

Light the smudge stick or incense stick on the working candle.

(Smudging is an ancient practice used by Native American and indigenous cultures for centuries to clear away negative energies and invite peace and harmony.)

Waft the smoke around you and say:

I now purify myself of my past life and past obsolete perceptions. I let in all the peace and harmony of the new and good.

Sit and meditate on how your life is changing for the better. Think of all the blessings your new life in the Craft will hold.

Do the Cakes and Wine Ceremony.

Throw the ashes into running water.

  1. Ask the Gods to Bless Your New Path.

Talking to the God and Goddess about your life path is a great way to bond with Them. You learn from Them and your inner wisdom.

You can meditate on the Gods and talk to them.

Here is a Prayer/Chant to facilitate this.

Lord and Lady,
Open my ears to hear You.
Open my eyes to see my path.
Open my heart to Your love.
Bless me upon my new path.
So Mote It Be.

May these insights support your journey.

Blessed Be,

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