A Supportive Response to People Seeking Love and a New Chapter of Life

Recently, I have received multiple e-mail questions from women who wish to transition into a chapter of life with a loving partner. They speak of devoting all their time to working and taking care of family members like siblings and an older parent.

They sometimes say that they were stupid in failing to devote any time to healthy dating. They also complain of encountering commitment-phobic and abusive men. All of these details are truly serious, and I had multiple conversations with spiritual elders.

It breaks my heart to read emails in which the writer says that she wants to stop feeling empty and scared.

All of these issues and problems are deep and can be quite complicated. Here I will share some links to my relevant podcast episodes (Goddess Has Your Back Podcast) that might be supportive to people who find themselves in any similar situation. I am including these podcast episodes so you hear my friendly voice as support.

  • Do what is necessary to strengthen yourself and stay healthy.

Episode 189 How Witches Strengthen Themselves Beyond Having a Thick Skin.

Episode 188 How Witches Can Use a Hidden Shield Against Suffering and Pain.

Episode 187 How Witches Avoid the False Soulmate.

  • Organize your own plan of action so that you make space for a loving new partner.

Episode 190 How Witches Declare Their Truth.

Episode 191 How Witches Use the Secret of Comfort.

Episode 185 How Witches Attract a Specific Person.

Episode 183 How Witches Seize Boldness with Their Divinity.

Episode 177 How Witches Separate Wanting Love from Needing Approval

May my episodes support you on your path.

Blessed Be,

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 Enroll in my Online Course At Udemy.com

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